Everything that’s happened on Earth since your baby was born

Credit: Disney

This clever new tool from Go Compare can calculate all things big and small that have happened on Earth since your baby was born

Have you ever stopped to wonder how many breaths your baby has taken since being welcomed into the world? How about the number of heart beats in their little chest? We count their lives in weeks, months and years, but what else has happened in that time?

The You & Planet Earth project from GoCompare – the comparison site with that famous TV jingle – includes an intriguing new tool to give you the answers to those exact questions. A series of calculations have been created by using numerous university, medical and environmental sources, with stats that really put our little lives into perspective.

For example, over the last six months alone the Earth has seen:

  • 209,398,833 babies born
  • 7,788 species discovered
  • 50 billion waves hit the shore
  • 2,439,645,655 trillion snowflakes fall (this would cover the Himalayas under 4 metres of snow)
  • 11,066,043,811 trillion raindrops fall (enough to fill the Baltic Sea 2 times over)
  • 392,557,617 miles travelled around the Sun

And six month old baby born in December 2017 has had:

  • 18,600,646 heartbeats
  • 7,708,251 breaths
  • 73 hours dreaming

Why don’t you give it a go – simply enter a date of birth and see what’s been going on in the world since then…


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