Best toys for Christmas Day

Hot wooden blocks

Carl Shaw, father of three and founder of Toyella, on clever shopping strategies this Christmas


1. For memories
Finally, perhaps a gift that’s also for you, too. An heirloom, a permanent showpiece for the bedroom that’s a constant reminder of a special year. Look no further that this beautiful German music box which plays an Erik Satie melody.


2. For bonding
You’re through lunch, now it’s time for some bonding. Choose a toy where you can see baby exploring, learning and progressing in front of your eyes. Consider these unique and inspired Hotz wooden blocks.


3. For safe excitement
In the hysteria of gift-opening time, baby will pick up on everyone else’s excitement. Ideally, you need a toy that doesn’t break when thrown aound, and can double as a fidget toy as baby looks on bemused! Try this foam Rubbabu submarine ball.


4. For prep time
It doesn’t matter if your Christmas lunch is planned down to the minute, children will have their own agenda. They need a good distraction while you get your head around when the parsnips should be going into the oven – think multifunctional toys, like this wooden train. £39.90,


5. For the lie-in
It’s never too early to open gifts on the big day, especially if it means a few extra precious minutes in bed before the onslaught. Start the day with a stimulating mobile, such as this rainbow bunny design from Pebble – Fair Trade, 100% cotton and machine washable.


6. For bedtime
The evening wind-down is almost ready to begin, but to ensure your unbroken entertainment, they need unbroken sleep. What better night-time companion than a soft Rudolf toy, complete with scarf and leggings?