17 of the Best Pregnancy Pillows for Comfortable Sleep

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Getting a decent and restful night’s sleep while pregnant can be a task, but a pregnancy pillow can help you to say goodbye to all of the aches, pains and discomfort! Check out our pick of some of the best pregnancy pillows on the market…

If you only buy one thing for yourself during your pregnancy, it has to be a pregnancy pillow! There are many pregnancy pillows on the market offering different specialist benefits from temperature control to spinal alignment.

The main benefits of sleeping with a pregnancy pillow while pregnant are encouraging better sleep, easing aches and pains, promoting muscle relaxation, providing ergonomic support and improving blood circulation.

How to Sleep with a Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillows can be used however you feel it most supports you, however, if you’re a newbie or want to know the most effective way of using your pregnancy pillow, here are two easy methods.

  1. In front of your bump: This is probably the most popular and universal way of using a pregnancy pillow as it aligns the back to relieve pressure as well as supporting the hips to relieve pain. Simply rest your head at the top end and have your knees either side of the pillow to take some weight off of your bump.
  2. Around your back: Having the pillow around your back means that you can get your knees up higher. This position prevents rolling and provides a bit of extra support for your back.

17 of the Best Pregnancy Pillows for Better Sleep

Every mother-to-be’s pregnancy is different and everyone will want to aid or alleviate something suited to them. Here we share our top picks of the best pregnancy pillows that will guarantee to be your new best friend during this magical time of your life.

Dreamgenii 2 in 1 Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Covers, from £49.99

best-pregnancy-pillow[Sponsored content] The multi-platinum award-winning patented Dreamgenii Pregnancy, Support & Feeding Pillow is one of the most popular pregnancy must-haves from 20-weeks gestation.

Many pregnancy pillows are large and cumbersome, but the Dreamgenii perfectly moulds to your body without taking up room in your bed (great news for partners everywhere!) Featuring a soft bump cushion to provide vital care when sleeping on your left side, as well as a back cushion to support and prevent rolling onto your back. The Dreamgenii also helps to reduce pressure on your knees, back and bump with a unique leg support that comfortably elevates your upper leg.

Additionally, the unique U-shaped Dreamgenii also encourages optimal foetal positioning by helping you to sleep on your left side – this helps to achieve maximum blood flow between you and baby while you sleep.

It’s also super easy to switch between positions, so that you can move easily to sleep on both sides if you need to.

Using this specialised pillow can also help you get into a comfortable position if you’re experiencing Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) by enabling you to turn easily.

If you have PGP your health professional can offer tips on moving across the bed, but many will recommend using a product like the Dreamgenii, which has been used by hundreds of thousands of women worldwide. In fact, the Dreamgenii is the only patented pregnancy pillow recommended by UK midwives.

Once baby has arrived, this long lasting 2-in-1 pillow can also be used as a cosy feeding pillow for added comfort during breast or bottle-feeding. Available with super soft, 100% jersey cotton covers, in three contemporary colourways; Grey Marl, Beige Marl and White for the ultimate cosy snug feeling.

Shop now at Dreamgenii.com

bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow, £153


The unique design of this pregnancy pillow by bbhugme means that you can adjust it using the toggles at each end to find your perfect firmness – perfect for every trimester to support your body as baby grows.

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Bella Moon 3-in-1 Pregnancy Pillow, £99

Bella Moon 3-in-1 Pregnancy Pillow

This C-shaped option is probably one of the prettiest pregnancy pillows on the market right now, available in 10 gorgeous designs with changable covers available to purchase! Aside from the aesthetics, the BellaMoon Pregnancy & Nursing (3-in-1) Pillow provides intense comfort to you, your bump and your baby during your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey.

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SnuzCurve Pregnancy Pillow, £84.95best-pregnancy-pillows-snuzcurve

Developed by experts, the SnuzCurve helps pregnancy sleep to be a breeze for not only a comfy sleep but a positionally correct one too. The SnuzCurve is completed with KneeBlaze™ to help guide your body into a perfect sleep position, taking the pressure off your hips, legs and ankles as well as supporting your upper body to reduce back pain and pressure on your bump.

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Niimo Pregnancy Pillow, £40


Amazon pregnancy pillows: Niimo

Looking for an Amazon pregnancy pillow? With over 15,000 global ratings at 4.5 stars, the Niimo pregnancy pillow is clearly tried and tested for peace of mind, offering pregnant mothers the perfect blend of comfort and support.

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ClevaMama Theraputic Body & Bump Pregnancy Pillow, £78.99

ClevaMama Pregnancy Pillow

If you’re after pregnancy pillows that cater to every ache and pain, this is the one for you. The ClevaMama pregnancy pillow is ergonomically designed for full body support, including your head, neck, back, bump, pelvis neck and knees.

This pregnancy pillow also helps to reduce the distress of reflux and discomfort caused by SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction).

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Silentnight Body Support Pregnancy Pillow, £17

Affordable pregnancy pillow: SilentNight V-Shape Support Pillow

For a super affordable pregnancy pillow, the Silentnight V-Shape Support Pillow is the one for you. While not specifically designed as one, it offers the same support as a standard pregnancy pillow, providing extra support where you need it most.

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John Lewis V-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow, £25

John Lewis pregnancy pillows

John Lewis offers some great own-brand products, including this V-shaped pillow which helps to support the back, neck and shoulders during pregnancy. It can be used as a support during breast or bottle feeding!

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IKEA Nejlika Pregnancy Pillow, £15

IKEA Pregnancy Pillow

Who knew everyone’s favourite Swedish furniture store made pregnancy pillows? This V-shaped pillow from IKEA provides comfortable support to both the back and neck and a great shape to tuck behind your bump to relieve some weight.

BUY NOW from Ikea

Kally Body U-Body Pregnancy Pillow

Kally Body Pregnancy Pillow

If you often get hot during the night, the Kally Body Pregnancy Pillow features a hollowfibre filling which prevents overheating and ensure a cool sleep. The pillow’s unique, U-shaped, ergonomic design is firm enough to suit most comfort levels – yet still soft enough to cuddle up to comfortably.

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Pharmedoc C-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Amazon pregnancy pillows: Pharmedoc

Another great buy from Amazon,  this U-shaped pillow is gentle to your skin, machine washable and comfortable to lay on thanks to it’s super soft jersey fabric.

BUY NOW from Amazon

Jojo Mamam Bébé Microbean Pregnancy Pillow, £39

Jojo Mamam Bébé Microbean Pregnancy Pillow

The Microbean Maternity Sleep Pillow is filled with tiny beans to help it mould to your shape and support your bump and legs.

Najell Pregnancy Pillow, £109

Najell Pregnancy Pillow

Najell’s pregnancy pillow is another great adjustable pregnancy pillow option. It is filled with food-grade EPS beads, that easily shape themselves to you and your bump for a bespoke fit during all stages of pregnancy. Plus, we love the Scandinavian design of this pillow, you could keep it on the sofa all day and no one would batt an eyelid!

Buy now from Najell UK

Tommee Tippee Pregnancy Pillow, £50

Tommee Tippee Pregnancy Pillow

This extra large pregnancy pillow is perfect for wrapping around your whole body to get into the perfect position for you.

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Wedge Pregancy Pillows

Much smaller and compact than your standard full-length pregnancy pillow, wedge pillows are wedge-shaped cushions that reduce back strain by sliding under your belly to support your growing bump while you’re sleeping on your side.

Little Chick 4-in-1 Support Wedge Pregnancy Pillow, £23.99

Little Chick Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

This cute printed pregnancy wedge pillow gently supports bump, back and hips when sleeping on your side. It is specially designed to contour the nautral shape of your baby bump! Use as a back support or feeding pillow when baby arrives.

BUY NOW from Little Chick London 

hiccapop Wedge Pregnancy Pillow, £52.15

hiccapop Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

Not sure whether you want a soft or firm pregnancy wedge pillow? Then this hiccapop option takes the decision out of the equation, as its two-sided design means you can flip fromn soft memory foam to a firmer support foam.

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Babymoov Mum & Baby Wedge Pregnancy Pillow, £35

Babymoov Pregnancy Pillow

Created with the help of mums and midwives, the Babymoov pregnancy wedge pillow is filled with microbeads for optimum comfort and shape. This pillow can also be used to aid blood flow when legs are rested on top, perfect for tired mums-to-be in need of a little TLC!

BUY NOW from Jojo Mamam Bébé

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