The Best Non Alcoholic Drinks to Enjoy When You’re Pregnant

Wild Idol 0% Alcohol Sparkling Rose

What to avoid during pregnancy, and the topic of alcohol during pregnancy, has long been a hot topic among health professionals. And now, with so many non alcoholic alternatives out there, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a refreshing drink while you’re pregnant. We round up the best non alcoholic drinks to try now.

The Best Non Alcoholic Drinks to Enjoy When You’re Pregnant

We all know the feeling – that relaxing sensation of enjoying a G&T in the sun or a crisp glass of rose.

But, with experts still unsure exactly how much – if any – alcohol is safe during pregnancy, and a whole host of non alcoholic gin, non alcoholic prosecco and more available to buy, it’s easy to enjoy a non alcoholic drink that tastes just like the real stuff. Discover the very best non alcoholic alternatives below.

Best Non Alcoholic Gin & Spirits


CleanCo’s “Alcohol Free Sprits” offer delicious non alcoholic, low-calorie, gluten-free and vegan gin, rum, vodka and tequila alternatives, whether you want to enjoy a 0% G&T or create an alcohol-free mojito to enjoy in the sun.

Offering classic gins as well as pink gin, this top-rated company makes it easier to enjoy a drink with your other half or non-pregnant friends without feeling like you’re missing out. Founder Spencer Matthews’ wife Vogue Williams said of the brand: “I’ve never been a big drinker and have obviously given up full-strength spirits during my pregnancy.

“So, unwinding after a long day with a non-alcoholic Clean G&T is the perfect way for me to relax as we countdown to baby number three.”

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Lyre’s Spirit Co

Lyre’s Spirit Co is completely vegan and designed for embracing mindful drinking or for pregnant mums. Perfect for when you fancy a classic G&T, offering classic juniper, citrus and pepperberry flavours for a generous, dry finish.

Best enjoyed with premium tonic water, a slice of pink grapefruit and rosemary to garnish. They also offer Italian Orange and Pink flavours and lots of combination sets – making the perfect gift for a pregnant friend.


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One of the first non alcoholic alternatives on the block, Seedlip is made through distilling herbs and then adding water so it gives a mocktail a ‘grown up’ taste without the alcohol.

Available in three flavours: classic, citrus and spice, it works perfectly with tonic or soda water and lots of ice for when you want to enjoy a classic-tasting, refreshing drink.


From £20 for a bottle. Shop now

Pale Fox Prosecco

Award-winning sparkling wine brand Pale Fox Prosecco has announced the launch of their first non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

This single estate sparkling wine is produced by vinifying a still white wine, then using reverse osmosis to separate out the alcohol, before finally adding the effervescence. The result an extra dry balance of acidity, fruit and classic yeasty notes, with lower calories and containing polyphenols and antioxidants, which have natural health benefits.

non-alcoholicFrom £28.95 for a bottle. Shop now


Similar to Aperol and created by the Campari alcohol group, Crodino is a non-alcoholic Italian aperitivo created with the infusion of spices, woods, roots and herbs, resulting in a citrus-based taste. It’s best paired with a generous handful of ice and an orange slice.


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Ceder’s Pink Gin

Ceder’s Pink Rose is a non-alcoholic spirit made using natural botanicals including juniper, rose and hibiscus, resulting in a refreshing balance of classic gin botanicals with juniper at the forefront, complemented by floral notes of rose and sweet hibiscus.

Plus, it’s vegan, gluten free, sugar free and just two kcal per 50ml serve – best enjoyed with premium Indian tonic, lots of ice and garnished with mint and raspberries.


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Best Non Alcoholic Prosecco & Sparkling Wine

Wild Idol Sparkling Rosé

You can’t beat a glass of sparkling rosé on a spring or summer day, and Wild Idol allows pregnant mums-to-be to join in the fun, too. A premium, alcohol-free sparkling rosé of the very finest provenance, it’s vegan, gluten free and only 25 calories per 100ml.

With a vibrant and aromatic taste with red fruit and floral notes, you’ll barely know the difference!


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Lyre’s Classico Non Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

Lyre’s Classico Grande sparkling wine is the perfect replacement for an Italian sparkling for a premium non alcoholic ‘celebration in a bottle.’

The fresh peach and granny smith apple notes lend a delicious taste; it’s the perfect bottle to crack open when you’re celebrating.

non-alcoholic-drinksFrom £60 for a bottle. Shop now

Belle & Co (previously Bees Knees)

Alcohol-free fizz from Belle& Co is a sophisticated alternative to traditional sparkling wine. Made from grape juice, it’s a a non alcoholic fermented drink infused with green tea to ensure it isn’t too sweet.

With no alcohol, low sugar and around half the calories of the average fizz – what’s not to like?! At just 66 calories for a large glass, this can be a regular drink of choice for pregnant women.


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French Bloom’s Le Rosé

French Bloom’s award-winning alcohol-free sparkling rosé provides a beautiful acidity with delicate aromas of rose, peach and cherry.

Made from organic grapes, this 0.0% French Sparkling is low-calorie with no sugar added.


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Best Non Alcoholic Red & White Wine

Oddbird Domaine De La Prade Organic Red Wine

If you’re a sucker for a red, Oddbird’s Domaine De La Prade Organic is a perfect choice.

This organic 0.0% non-alcoholic red wine is made from a blend of Merlot and Shiraz from the Languedoc-Roussillon region and is very easy-drinking with notes of blackberry, cherry, plum and caramel. The brand also offers a delicious 0% white wine.


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Natureo Spanish Dry Torres White Wine

Natureo comes from the Familia Torres vineyard who are at the forefront of high quality de-alcoholised wine. After a classic winemaking process in which the grapes are harvested and then fermented, alcohol is then carefully removed, preserving its full aroma and flavour.

This classic pale Spanish white muscat with 0.0% alcohol is less than half the calories of a normal wine – perfect for those who want to enjoy all the flavour of a white wine with a delicate aroma of golden apples.


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Best Non Alcoholic Cocktails

Nio Cocktails

Nio’s pre-mixed cocktails are perfect if you’re a lover of the classics but are looking for a non alcoholic version, offering three create-your-own cocktails with modern twists: ginger sour, lemongrass citrus and virgin bitters.

With the option to create your own cocktail box, it makes for the perfect gift for a non-drinker or pregnant friend, too.


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Remedy Kombucha

Not technically a cocktail, but Remedy’s Kombucha is a great option if you want to crack open a drink in the sun with friends. This sparkling fermented tea is naturally sugar-free and packed with antioxidants, organic acids that help to regulate appetite, and live cultures (good bacteria) to support good gut health.

With a multitude of flavours including Ginger Lemon, Raspberry Lemonade, Cherry Plum, Apple Crisp and Wild Berry, each can contains 330 million live cultures, is vegan friendly and contains just nine calories.


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