This is the best day for your baby to be born

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New research reveals the best day to be born for the most successful life.

Every parent thinks their child is destined for greatness. We’re all busy raising the next generation of brain surgeons, Nobel prize winners and prime ministers, aren’t we? However,  a new study suggests the day your baby is born on could determine their success in life. According to research by Tombola, there is such a thing as the ‘best day to be born’ on.

The study looked at the birthdays of people deemed to be ‘successful’ in different spheres of work and life. It claims there are certain birth dates that indicate your baby could have more success in politics and other dates that signify your little one would be more likely to nab the Nobel prize winner.

More importantly, Tombola found there were even dates where you’d have a higher chance of becoming a millionaire (we’re definitely taking note of this one).

So, what is the best day to be born?

According to Tombola’s study, the best day to be born on is 6 June.

After analysing the birthdays of 1,753 ‘successful’ people across 14 different categories, it was revealed more birthdays fell on the 6th June than any other day of the year.

Are there any other lucky birthdays?

Credit: Tombola

The research carried out revealed a number of significant birthdays for budding actors, singers and movie stars:

  • Male Oscar winners up for the Best Actor in a Lead Role award are more likely to win if they’re born in April, with 13th being the luckiest day.
  • Your baby has a 1 in 6 chance of winning a Best Actress or Best Actor BAFTA if they’re born in May.
  • If you desperately want a Grammy-winning offspring, the 19th May is your best bet for stardom.
  • To win Best Actress in a Lead role, 19th June is the optimum day.
  • For Emmy Awards you have a 1 in 8 chance if you’re born in August.
  • You can bag a Mercury Prize by being born on 17th October.

It was claimed the 4th February and 12th May are the best days to be born for entrepreneurs, whilst being born in October could give your offspring a head start when it comes to financial success.

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