The Best Books for Teaching Your Baby to Love

Here's how to teach your baby all about love


When do babies start to feel love? And how best can we teach them about emotions and relationships? Well, it turns out these books are a good place to start.

Babies are clever little things. From the moment they’re born, they’re soaking up their surroundings and their brains are busy working out the ways of the world.

From bump to baby, your little one’s brain is being wired to learn emotions and relationships. Singing, talking and reading all play an important role in the process of bonding and understanding love.

This is why our pals over at BookTrust, the UK’s largest children’s reading charity, have put together a parent’s guide on how certain books could be the way to your little one’s heart. And a good introduction to the world of lurrrve.

The Best Books for Teaching Your Baby About Love

From bump to one-month-old

Babies are born to fall in love and can often show signs of emotion in the first few weeks. That’s right, those long gazes, snuggling and that cheeky smile is not always gas – it’s love.

In the first few weeks, your baby LOVES your voice. According to BookTrust, studies have even shown that babies are soothed by the familiar nursery rhymes they heard while in the womb. Here are some books you can read to your bub to soothe them, while also being able to treasure them through the rest of their life.

Here We Are: Notes For Living On Planet Earth

by Oliver Jeffers best-baby-books-here-we-are

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When I Was A Child

by Andy Stanton & David Litchfield


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One to three-months-old

This is an exciting time for parents as their baby’s sight continues to develop, they begin to recognise, communicate and trust their loved ones. You can tell your baby is falling head over heels for you through eye contact, ‘gurgle conversations’ and starting to smile back at you.

At this age your little one loves faces rather than objects. Check out these books that let your little one observe your facial expressions.

Who? A Celebration Of Babies

by Robie H Harris, illustrations by Natascha Rosenberg

who-best-booksMaking Faces

by Abrams, photos by Molly Magnuson

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Three to seven-months-old

Two big milestones, the first is more movement your bub will be reaching out to grab you and be fascinated by sensory stimulations, rattling, shaking (baby games). Their sight will also develop to see in colour; your bub will love the colour red which is one of the first colours they see (very Valentine’s Day appropriate).

Books to encourage sensory exploration are useful at this age.

Where’s Mrs Ladybird?

by Ingela Arrhenius

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Seven to 12-months-old

Is your bub moody? Don’t worry, the foundation of love is as thick as concrete and there is an extra burst of brain development when attachment bonds are made by this point.

Your little one is exploring and learning about different emotions but the best part about this age is age is your tiny tot might start giving hugs and kisses and first words.

Being able to sing songs and use interactive books will help you increase bonds with your bub.

Five Little Ducks

by Yu-hsuan Huang

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by Jez Alborough

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12 to 24-months-old

Your bundle of baby joy is turning into a real little person at this age. They’re showing their emotions such as joy, frustration, and a whole lot more.

By this age children will paying attention to how you act, mimicking your actions and understanding symbols and themes. This is also the age your little one will start to socialise more. Make sure you show them how it’s done: how to share, how to be brave, and much more. Researchers have found a direct link between books and emotional growth for this age group.

The best books are books that have stories and themes which show affections for those around them.

Love You Hoo

by Rachel Bright

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by Emma Dodd

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