Why you Should Consider Booking a Bespoke Postnatal MOT

Receive safe, practical advice on pre and postnatal exercise.
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A bespoke, postnatal MOT programme of tailored advice can help you care for your body before and after childbirth.

Becoming a mother is an amazing and joyous experience, but once the euphoria of birth wears off, you may notice the toll that pregnancy and birth has taken on your body. During pregnancy, your body undergoes significant change in a relatively short period of time, causing changes to your hormones, posture and balance.

As the baby grows, you have increased pressure on muscles, joints and ligaments, particularly the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. It is common to experience a variety of musculoskeletal symptoms during pregnancy, such as upper or lower back pain, pelvic girdle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and incontinence. The fitter and stronger you are during pregnancy, the better you are likely to manage. Exercising during pregnancy will also prepare you for the physical demands of motherhood.

Farhana Sonday is a Women’s health specialist and physiotherapist at RRMG

Every pregnancy is different and this is also the case with women’s pre and postnatal needs. Receiving tailored advice on how best to care for your body will make a big difference to how you feel both during and after childbirth. At Rogers Regenerative Medical Group, dedicated women’s health physiotherapist, Farhana Sonday, can assist you to alleviate pain, advise on safe exercise during pregnancy, give tips on how to manage common prenatal complaints and assist with a safe postnatal recovery. Farhana is a specialist women’s health, musculoskeletal and oncology physiotherapist, with a special interest in women’s health and pre and postnatal care.

Following the 6-week postnatal review with your GP, a Postnatal MOT (assessment) before you return to abdominal or high-impact sport or exercise is recommended. This is suitable for women with symptoms of pelvic floor or abdominal problems, or those seeking the reassurance of a more bespoke check-up. Don’t worry if your child is no longer a baby; once you’ve had a baby, you’re considered postpartum even years down the line!

RRMG is an approved supplier and fitter of Bauerfeind SacroLoc for relief of the pelvis and the sacroiliac joints.

Treatment may include an individualised pelvic floor program, abdominal and core strengthening, treatment of any musculoskeletal issues found, scar tissue management and advice on returning to exercise, nutrition, posture and ergonomics.

The Postnatal MOT will assess:

• Pelvic floor muscles and bladder concerns
• Pelvic organ prolapse
• Diastasis Recti or Tummy Gap (abdominal separation) and core control
• Scar assessment (of C-section or episiotomy scar)
• Return to sports and exercise

For more information, visit www.rrmg.com, call 020 7112 5400 or email help@rrmg.com.

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