6 Benefits of Smart Monitoring for You and Your Baby 

Credit: Bluebell Baby Monitor

Smart baby monitors are becoming increasingly popular amongst new parents looking for support and peace of mind through reliable, wearable baby tech. So, what makes them so smart?!

The arrival of your little one will bring you great joy and happiness – it’s one of the most magical moments in life – and one that most parents treasure.

However, those early months can be difficult; sleep deprivation and a general lack of experience with small babies can leave parents feeling worried, anxious and unable to relax.

6 Benefits of Smart Monitoring for You and Your Baby

“Parenting isn’t easy and getting a little bit of help in the early days can make the world of difference” says founder of the Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor, Dr. Naveen Sharma.

“We created Bluebell to give parents peace of mind and provide lots of practical and useful features to support them in their parenting journey.”

Knowing you have that extra bit of support, like an extra pair of eyes on your baby, provides huge peace of mind to new parents. So, we’ve compiled a round-up of just some of the benefits you can expect when using a smart baby monitor.

More Peace of Mind

The Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor was created to help parents worry less. It monitors breathing, temperature and roll on tummy, all through an easy clip and go sensor that attaches to baby’s vest. The sensor provides alerts to your mobile or unique parent wristband should the sensor pick up monitoring levels outside of acceptable limits.

This type of monitoring is more proactive, for example, following immunisations, it is common for a baby’s temperature to creep up. However, this is not always immediately noticeable to new parents, especially at night when baby is asleep. Notifications of an increase in temperature makes it possible to intervene early before baby’s temperature becomes too high.

Get a Routine Sorted

Baby’s arrive and run on their own schedules, they have no understanding of day or night and they wake based on their needs rather than on our clock. A smart monitor provides the ability to monitor baby’s sleep and routine, how long and when they are sleeping, nappy changes, feeds and expressing.


This data is collated in the Bluebell app and provides insights to help you to understand your baby’s natural routine, what to expect next and to set reminders so that you stay on track with feeds, changes and even medication. Getting into a good routine can be really helpful for both baby and parents.

Get More Sleep

Sleep is monitored through the baby sensor and automatically calculated on the Bluebell App. Having this data means you have a good view of how much sleep your baby is getting and whether that is enough for their age, as well as information about how many naps they are taking and for how long and how frequently they wake at night. 


Paediatric sleep consultant at Snooze Tots Carla Berlin says: “The data which Bluebell monitors provide is a sleep consultant’s dream!

“At Snooze Tots we rely heavily on parents telling us the likes of wake up times and length of their sleep each day which can often be an estimate – especially in the middle of the night when a parent is hardly at their most conscious!

“Being able to see first hand consecutive days worth of sleep patterns builds a  much clearer picture for us to assess, alter and ultimately improve their child’s sleep. When great technology enhances knowledge, results are often significantly improved.”

Once baby’s sleep pattern is sorted, you too can enjoy a more peaceful night’s sleep, ensuring you are fully rested to take on the busy days with your little one.

Develops With Your Baby

As your baby grows so the need for monitoring will change. In the early days you will be looking for alerts if they roll onto their tummy to ensure safe sleep but once they become more mobile and start to do laps around the cot these alerts will no longer be needed.


At that point, you can switch the alerts off. You can also adjust the sensitivity of alerts to what you need at every stage of your parenting journey.

Hold Them in the Palm of Your Hand – Literally!

For many parents the time will eventually come where they need to return to work. This can be a daunting time – after all, you have gone from being with your little one 100% of the time to now placing them in the care of someone else.


The Bluebell app provides reassurance to parents returning to work. You are able to provide your baby’s carer with access to the Bluebell app so they are able to see at a glance how baby slept the night before, when the last nappy change was and when they last fed, making the transition of care seamless.

As a parent you are able to see your baby through the secure Bluebell app from the HD Video Baby Cam at any time, so if you are missing your little one you can tap in to see them whilst they nap.

Monitor on the Go

Monitoring is not only for the home but also for out and about; the unique Bluebell wristband ‘talks’ to the baby sensor when outside of the home so you can receive monitoring and alerts when you are on-the-go. Logging your routine can also be done through your wristband. 


The wristband is popular with parents as it provides vibrational alerts so you can be notified at night when baby wakes, without the need to wake your partner. It has been particularly useful for parents who are hard of hearing. The ability to receive vibrational alerts has provided peace of mind to those unable to hear their baby cry. 

Bluebell’s Smart Baby Monitor app adjustable night light, lullabies and white noise are handy little add ons together with room temperature gauge and two-way audio, providing an all-in-one solution for parent, baby and nursery. Monitoring more, so you worry less. To find out more visit www.bluebellbabymonitor.com.

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