Bags of Style… Mums Know Best

It’s time to pay duties to one of the latest changing bags to hit the market: the Nova Harley collection.

Okay, so being a mum may not be the most glamorous job in the world, but one thing is for certain mums still love style – and rightly so.

And most mums will agree that time is much more precious (and far less readily available) when embracing parenthood, meaning that a simple trip to the supermarket can become much more challenging, especially now that your handbag needs to cater for more than just a few  of your everyday essentials.

The Ultimate Baby Bag Co, and their flagship luxury brand of Nova Harley, has created a truly stunning range of beautiful yet fully functional change bags that double up as a handbag – without looking like the bag should be brimming with nappies (!). What it boasts on the outside is more than matched in the inside. With 13 picture labelled pockets (wipes, nappies, dummies, bibs, clothes, dirty clothes, medicine, food, change mat, bottle warmer, bottle tote, mothers section, key holder) this bag won’t just look fabulous on your arm it’ll keep your brain in a regimented fashion too. With all this in mind it’s no surprise that it took a year to design the interior of the bag, and I’m a big believer that good things come to those who wait.

I spoke to Nova Harley herself, the brains behind Ultimate Baby Bag Co and mother to 2 year old Max, as she expressed her views as to why mums have fallen for her bags. “There were bags on the market that were attractive, however the inside layout was not organised and was overly complicated or alternatively just housed pockets which afford no system of packing or ease of follow. This apparent gap in the market inspired me to create and design change bags that were the latest fashion yet afford a simplistic and luxurious interior,” says Nova. And I can assure Nova that London mums and beyond are very pleased she did – nothing like a practical piece of arm candy is there ladies!?