The Top 10 Best Babymoon Destinations & Things to Remember

What exactly is a babymoon and when should you go?

Maldives. Credit: Upgraded Points via Unsplash

Whether it’s golden beaches, a romantic city break or ultimate relaxation you’re after, we round up the best babymoon destinations for you.

The honeymoon period may be over, but there’s another ‘moon’ milestone to look forward to as your family expands. A babymoon is a trip for expectant parents to enjoy some quality time together, before welcoming their new arrival into the world.

What is a Babymoon?

Maldives. Credit: Upgraded Points via Unsplash

Although the term suggests you’ll have a baby in tow, a babymoon is actually the last trip away you take before you give birth.

Most often it’s a final, relaxing jaunt away with your partner before the baby’s arrival. However, you could jet off on a babymoon with friends, family or even escape on a solo retreat.

When is the Best Time to go on a Babymoon?

Maldives. Credit: Joeyy Lee via Unsplash

There’s a lot of discussion about the best time to head off on your babymoon. Speaking broadly, the best time to travel is during your second trimester. Once any morning sickness has subsided, and before the final few weeks of your pregnancy when doctors advise against travelling.

However, if you’re sticking local or at least in the same country, you have more flexibility over the dates of your babymoon.

The travel experts at Club Med compiled the most popular babymoon destinations to help parents decide where their ideal holiday destination will be. Club Med rounded up the most popular babymoon destinations based on traveller searches.

Top 10 Trending Babymoon Destinations for 2023

Sicily, Italy. Credit: Samuel Ferrara via Unsplash

As more couples look to take a relaxing vacation before the baby arrives, some destinations are becoming more popular than others.

Searches for babymoons in Italy have increased by a whopping 600% making it one of the most popular babymoon destinations this year, with stunning scenery, delicious food and rich history.

Algarve, Portugal. Credit: Paula Sotomayor via Unsplash

Portugal is the second most searched babymoon, with a 600% increase as well and Switzerland takes the third spot with a 400% increase, respectively. See the full list of babymoon destinations below.

  1. Italy
  2. Portugal
  3. Switzerland
  4. Paris
  5. Dubai
  6. Morocco
  7. Spain
  8. London
  9. Croatia
  10. Marrakech

Top Tips for the Perfect Babymoon

Maldives. Credit: Anthony Tran via Unsplash

How Long Should you Travel?

Here are a few tips for if you’re travelling for more than four hours:

  • Get up and move around every so often to stay comfortable
  • Wear compression socks during travel as they improve the flow of circulation in your legs
  • Make sure to drink plenty of water during your journey
  • Always check with your doctor, midwife or healthcare provider before travelling

If you’re looking to travel abroad you should also have a contingency plan prepared in case you need medical care while on your babymoon.

Where Should You go & What Should You Take?

You should always consider the climate when choosing your babymoon location, as you don’t want to travel somewhere that may be too uncomfortable for you. You should also research the food options available, to make sure there are plenty of pregnancy-safe choices.

When packing for your babymoon, pack any essential medications you may need, as well as comfortable clothes. You should also pack a few easily accessible snacks to keep your energy levels up.

We also spoke to Sarah Page, brand manager at Holidaysafe, who shared some tips to help expectant parents feel confident when it comes to travelling abroad while pregnant.

Check the Airline’s Policy

It is essential that travellers can provide any documentation that their airline requires. Most travel insurance policies will not provide cover in the event the holidaymaker is denied boarding for not having the correct requirements for travel.

Airlines have restrictions on the maximum number of weeks pregnant travellers can fly and do not typically allow pregnant passengers to fly beyond 36 weeks. That being said, this restriction does vary by airline.

Travel insurance policies also have limits on the number of weeks pregnant travellers can travel, which do not always align and are often less that the airlines own rules, so this is something to be aware of and to check carefully before travelling.

Flying when pregnant
Credit: iStock

Research the Nearby Medical Facilities

Checking logistics, such as how far the nearest hospital is from the hotel or accommodation, as well as the quality of the nearest medical facility, should be a key factor throughout the planning process.

Travellers should also be aware that medical facilities overseas may not be as advanced as they are in the UK and appropriate care may not be available at all destinations, especially if it is an island.

It is sensible for travellers to research the nearest available public hospital to their holiday destination, understanding how long it takes to get there and what the quality of health care is like, so they feel comfortable going there should they need to.

Check Your Insurance

Babies born prematurely abroad can be some of the most expensive cases insurers handle. Most travel insurance policies would automatically cover a newborn until they are medically safe to travel home, if the mother was to go into labour prematurely while abroad.

But checking suitable cover is in place in this type of scenario can offer expectant parents’ peace of mind. In the same way that every pregnancy is different, every travel insurance policy is different too. So, travellers must check to see exactly what they are covered for.

More Luxury Babymoon Ideas

LUX Le Morne, Mauritius

lux-le-morn-babymoonIf you imagine an island paradise, Lux Le Morne ticks every box. Set on a white beach surrounding a turquoise lagoon, together you can enjoy snorkelling, hiking and yoga, or if you’re really just looking to chill, lounge in the spa, by one of the resort’s five pools or grab a beanbag for a sunset movie screening on the beach.

And with restaurants boasting everything from Creole to Thai cuisine, there’s no need to set foot outside the resort. The icing on the cake, however, has to be the local dolphins, which swim into the lagoon to play and feed – now that’s an experience you can’t put a price on.

Grand Isle Resort, The Bahamas


Nestled in the glorious Emerald Bay on the beautiful island of Great Exuma, Grand Isle Resort & Spa sits on a mile-long stretch pristine beach. With a vast menu of spa treatments and luxury facilities to unwind after a hard days work swanning between the beach and the private pool, you’ll reach ultimate relaxation levels during your stay. With spacious two-bedroom villas available, it’s the perfect set up to lock yourself away for some last minute alone time with your partner before baby comes.

There’s also a whole host of trips and excursions on offer, including a day of exploring the many secret islands of the Bahamas and swimming with the famous Bahamian pigs. The resort is family-friendly, so we have a feeling you’ll be booking a return visit once the little one arrives.

A Safari in South Africa


Immerse yourselves in nature at the Madikwe Private Game Reserve, and retreat in pure luxury at Jamala Madikwe Royal Safari Lodge. There’s no risk of Malaria at this game reserve, so pregnant guests can dine al fresco under starry skies, looking out for the reserve’s free-roaming animals worry free.

Couples can retire to their tranquil rooms featuring four-poster beds and exotic Persian carpets fit for royalty – the perfect romantic escape. For more trips to South Africa, check out VIVID Travel.

Santorini, Greece

santorini-babymoon-destinationSantorini is loved by many holiday-makers for its breathtaking views, stunning beaches and fabulous local cuisine.

Located a short trip from the equally beautiful Mykonos, the island is a haven for those looking to get away from it all and enjoy a relaxing and calming break.

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