From choosing the perfect pram to tackling those teething terrors; whether you are thinking to have a baby or currently navigating life with a new born or trying to settle into a new routine with your little one, we’ve got all the tips, tricks and trends of all things baby.

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Whooping Cough Vaccination

Superdrug Launches Whooping Cough Vaccination Service

Following a rise in Whooping Cough cases, Superdrug are offering a vaccination service for pregnant women. Whooping cough is on the rise across England and Wales with 1,596 cases reported in the first half of...

How to Keep Your Baby Cool in Hot Weather

With temperatures across the country soaring, here’s how to make sure you keep baby cool in the hot weather this summer. Babies don’t have the ability to let us know when they’re too hot or...

5 Top Tips for Easier Bottle Feeding

Sponsored Content Do you worry about overheating baby’s milk? Read how to do it right as well as some top tips for easier bottle feeding. Baby milk is your baby’s superfood that ensures all the important...

Breastfeeding and Exercise: Everything you Need to Know

Can you still exercise when you're breastfeeding? How does working out affect your breastmilk? Strong Like Mum Founder, Shakira Akabusi, talks us through the breastfeeding and exercise facts and fiction. Exercise and its effects on...

This is the best day for your baby to be born

New research reveals the best day to be born for the most successful life. Every parent thinks their child is destined for greatness. We're all busy raising the next generation of brain surgeons, Nobel prize winners...

What is Cranial Osteopathy?

Here's everything you need to know about cranial osteopathy and cranial osteopathy treatment for babies. You may have heard the term cranial osteopathy banded about in discussions with your GP, midwife or other new mums....

The Best Sun Creams and Sunscreen for Babies and Children

From the difference between UVA and UVB rays to the best suns creams for babies and children, here's everything you need to know about protecting your little one from the sun. With our first heatwave...

Everything you Need to Know About Louis Theroux’s new Documentary on Postnatal Psychosis

Louis Theroux's latest documentary tackles the very important issue of postnatal mental health. Here's everything we know so far about Mothers On The Edge. It might say more about us than the man himself, but...
Newborn sleeping in mother's arms

This is how Much Sleep Your Newborn Needs

How much sleep is the right amount for your newborn baby? From daytime napping to an unbroken night’s slumber (we can dream), we look at how much they should be getting Making sure your baby...

Postnatal Depression in Dads: Signs and Symptoms to Look out For

Postnatal depression in dads is a not a subject many of us discuss on a daily basis, but, according to psychotherapist Noel McDermott, it should be. Here are the symptoms of male postnatal depression...