breastfeeding- categoryBreastfeeding is the most intimate moment between a mother and her child. So it is understandable that you may have a few worries, whether that be going back to work and breastfeeding at the same time, or whether you are producing enough milk for your little one. Not to worry as we have all the solutions to your breastfeeding problems.

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Breastfeeding Welcome in Islington

Islington is fast becoming one of the best places to breastfeed your baby in the capital. Islington is the latest place to introduce the Breastfeeding Welcome scheme, a campaign to encourage public venues to welcome...

Is there a link between obesity and formula fed children?

A recent study carried out by the MRC Childhood Nutrition Research Centre has suggested a link between obesity and formula fed children. However, experts have critiscised the study as it  focused on fat...

Once More Unto the Breast

As Joanne Robinson readies herself for her last ever breast feed she reflects on the good times, the bad times and the levels of public indecent exposure. The six month mark has passed...