Baby Health

family-wellbeing-baby-healthFor any parent regardless is, their health and wellbeing will always be a main priority. Whether it be knowing the top skincare items to knowing an expert’s advice on health conditions. We’ve got all the advice you need right here.

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News: The Dummy Debate

As a picture of Harper Beckham goes viral, we follow the "Dummy Debate" controversy over what age little ones should dump the dummies

Caring for your baby’s teeth

Susannah Warren talks to health experts to get the lowdown on caring for your baby's teeth and oral health A tooth! It’s one of the biggest milestones in the first months of your baby’s life....

Health: Why Do Our Babies Cry?

Want to know exactly what baby is saying to you? You won’t believe this...

Time to talk: vaccinations

Dr Chiara Hunt and sister Marina Fogle of The Bump Class investigate...

Time to talk: reflux

Dr Chiara Hunt and sister Marina Fogle of the Bump Class investigate

The Experts: How Much Crying Is Acceptable?

In the latest from our Meet The Experts series, Dr Robert Arlt MD offers advice on what causes babies to cry excessively and when to consult a doctor

Early Birds: How to Care for Premature Babies

As expectant parents we meticulously plan and prepare for the birth of our baby. But for many parents their child will enter the world much earlier than they had thought, arriving simply too early. What...
BCG vaccine

Vaccinating London babies against tuberculosis – the BCG

My daughter is seven months old and still has a nasty red lump on her arm from her BCG vaccination which she had five months ago. Although it is unusual for babies to have...

Baby Skincare

Sharon Trotter - RM BSc Mother & Baby Consultant In the course of my career and when attending baby shows or parenting events the following questions come up again and again which...

What is Cranial Osteopathy?

Here's everything you need to know about cranial osteopathy and cranial osteopathy treatment for babies. You may have heard the term cranial osteopathy banded about in discussions with your GP, midwife or other new mums....