Baby Development

baby-developmentMonitoring your baby’s milestones is a pivotal part of parenting. Whether you need health advice or tips on weaning and teething, consult our week-by-week baby guides and keep track of your baby’s development here.

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Child Development: A Problem Shared

We’ve all heard ‘he’s a bit slow’ or ‘she’ll do it in her own time’, but are they fair comments? Dr Ari Mihailidis, an expert in child development, sheds light on these fascinating first stages

The Great Nappy Debate

Nappy changing is something that you have to get used to as a new parent. On average, children will have 6,300 nappy changes before they are toilet trained, so it makes sense to...

London NHS leads baby stem cell banking

You may have heard of the increasingly popular practice of having your baby’s stem cells collected from the umbilical cord blood at birth.  The blood in the umbilical cord is rich in blood-type...

Separation Anxiety

  ‘Please Don’t Go’ Separation Anxiety in Babies and Children   Sarah has a 3 year old daughter, Lauren. Leaving Lauren in the nursery has always been a nightmare. Lauren screams and cries for hours. Sarah usually...