Baby Development


Recording your baby’s milestones is a big part of any parents role. Whether you are a new or an experienced parent, you are always in need of the correct advice when it comes to the well-being of your child. Advice or tips on weaning and teething, consult our week-by-weeks guides and keep track of your baby’s development here.

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potty training baby girl

6 Steps to Perfect Potty Training

Potty training can be a tricky task for any first-time parent. Sometimes, we are more plagued by the fear of friends' horror stories, than the task itself. We've compiled a handy list of some...

Your Newborn Baby: What to Expect in the First few Days

As you get ready to take your newborn home for the first time, here’s what’s in store once you leave hospital. Congratulations! You survived labour and now have a gorgeous newborn baby to show off...

This is the best day for your baby to be born

New research reveals the best day to be born for the most successful life. Every parent thinks their child is destined for greatness. We're all busy raising the next generation of brain surgeons, Nobel prize winners...

Meet the One-year-old Hair Model and Instagram Sensation Baby Chanco

This super-cute baby from Japan now has thousands of fans all over the world thanks to her epic head of hair She may only be six months old, but so far little baby Chanco has...

International Friendship Day: The five stages of children’s friendships

To mark International Friendship Day (30 July), Georgina Blaskey explains how we can help our children navigate the rollercoaster of playground relationships... Even as young as nursery age we may see the first seeds of friendship...
Mother and baby sleeping

This is how much sleep new parents get on average in baby’s first year

You don’t know tired until you have a child of your own – new research has unveiled how much sleep new parents are getting (clue: not much) Simba, the sleep technology brand who sell those...

What to expect when your baby is 3-6 months

With motherhood now in full swing, here’s what’s to expect during 3-6 month stage By month three, many mothers have started introducing a gentle routine for themselves and baby. This can make your life easier...

Five ways to boost your baby’s brain power

Louise Pyne on the five simple steps you can take to supercharge your child's cognitive development During pregnancy and throughout your baby’s first year, his brain undergoes a massive amount of growth. By the time...
Baby napping

Does your baby have trouble sleeping during the day?

Most three to six month-old babies sleep around 15 hours a day including regular naps throughout. Parenting expert Kathryn Mewes, answers one reader’s question about her three month old son… Q) How can I help...

News: Laughter May Boost Learning

We all know laughter is the best medicine, but a team of French scientists has discovered humour appears to help toddlers learn.