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When it comes to having a baby, sleep is the number one topic on new parents’ minds. More than ever before, there is so much controversy and free advice online – and it can be hard to know where to turn. Here, discover how to find the best approach to your baby’s sleep that suits your parenting style, without the judgement that goes alongside it.

Having a new baby is one of the most magical, overwhelming and exhausting experiences in a lifetime. Whilst adapting to having a little person who relies entirely on you it can be a shock to learn that actually the phrase “sleep like a baby” maybe isn’t actually the reality of having a new bundle in your arms.

Many new parents often remark on the lack of sleep advice in antenatal classes, meaning parents are often underprepared for both what sleep looks like in the newborn days, as well as how best to deal with it.

A New Style of Antenatal Support

With parents being busier than ever, there is a huge need for good quality advice and compassionate support to help bring baby into the world. This is where The Parent and Baby Coach’s online courses come in.

parent-and-baby-coachWith three online courses tailed specifically for newborns, babies from five-12 months and toddlers, you can access information and advice from one of the UK’s leading baby sleep coaches, right from the comfort of your own home.

An Approach for All

Baby sleep can be somewhat controversial, particularly with the growing number of social media accounts claiming to be experts in the field. The reality is, no-one is an expert on a baby’s sleep other than the parent themselves.

The Parent and Baby Coach online sleep courses provide parents with a variety of different ideas and approaches to help support their baby’s sleep, without judgement, shame or parents feeling as though they are backed into a corner. Parents are encouraged to use their gut instinct when deciding how to go about sleep.

Starting Early

Whilst a newborn is still very small, it is important to give them cuddles and contact naps which helps enhance their development. Whilst lots of parents go on to choose to continue to contact nap and co-sleep, the reality of today’s modern society is that lots of parents have to return to work much sooner than nine-12 months.

parent-and-baby-coachIn fact, for some, maternity leave is not at all possible. The Parent and Baby Coach recognises fully that sleep is a huge pillar of maternal mental health, and helps support new parents by putting in slow and steady sleep practices from the early weeks onwards which helps enhance a baby’s sleep and creates confidence in parents too.

The courses are all about empowering parents with information so that they can create healthy long term sleep habits for the whole family.

It’s Not About Crying

One of the biggest concerns of many parents is that by getting help with a baby’s sleep, it means closing the door on them until the morning and leaving them to cry. As a sleep coach with over 11 years experience, Heidi from The Parent and Baby Coach is hugely passionate that this is not what you need to do, in order to get some more sleep.

Whilst there are some advocates of cry it out, The Parent and Baby Coach offers a range of sleep solutions including approaches which involve not leaving your baby at all, to approaches that have a turnaround of only a couple of day, which can involve giving baby space to settle for a few minutes before retuning to them. All of the approaches are designed with each family’s specific parenting style in mind.

A Truly Holistic Approach

The use of the word holistic in baby sleep is very much a buzz right now but at The Parent and Baby Coach, sleep has been holistic for much longer than it has just been a trend for. When working on sleep, you are encouraged to look into all areas of your baby’s sleep – not only just the way in which they settle.

Credit: Sarah Kate Photography

Heidi is a renowned expert in baby reflux, so focuses heavily on a baby’s feeding and any underlying tummy issues to help her clients get to the bottom of exactly why their baby’s sleep is broken.

Quality of 1-1 Support for the Price of a Course

The Parent and Baby Coach online courses cover everything you need to know as a parent to improve your little ones sleep, without the price tag of a one-to-one consultation.

Heidi is passionate about trying to reach as many new parents as possible, making them accessible and helping everyone move towards a full night’s sleep as and when they are ready.

Heidi is a mother of two boys and knows full well how it feels to be juggling modern-day motherhood with working and all that comes with having a full life and small children! To find out more about The Parent and Baby Coach’s services including 1-1’s and online courses, please visit www.theparentandbabycoach.com or head over to Instagram @theparentandbabycoach.

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