Product of the Month: Beaba Babycook® Solo Express


Each month, we will be picking out our favourite products from the top mum-and-baby brands out there, available to buy now.

From buggies and bassinets to must-have pregnancy items, we’ll have all the lowdown on the best new products out there for mum and baby.

This month, it’s the Beaba Babycook® Solo Express

Product of the Month: Beaba Babycook® Solo Express

Weaning is an exciting time for any parent – and a big step for little ones as they venture into a new world of tastes and textures! But prepping and cooking home-made food can be time-consuming – and sometimes the last thing on a long list of things to do when there’s playtime to be had!  Enter the BÉABA Babycook Solo Express; the new generation fastest eversteamer/blender that’s also eco-friendly too!

This 4-in-1 baby food maker is economical and faster than ever before. With 2-cooking modes (Express and Eco), it steams, defrosts and reheats, plus mixes, blends and chops to create delicious, nutritious home-made baby food in minutes. Available in grey at selected retailers with an RRP of £140, find out more here.



Keeping the environment in mind, the BÉABA Babycook Solo Express comes with impressive eco-credentials when used in ‘Eco’ mode, including:

  • 30 per cent less water and electricity in its cooking process, when using the Eco function (at full capacity)
  • 23 per cent less CO2 emissions when using the Eco function (at full capacity)
  • According to an external and independent study undertaken in May 2022
  • Compared to the Babycook SOLO®, according to a Life Cycle Assessment

Quick and efficient:

The Babycook Solo Express by BÉABA also has an ‘Express’ cooking mode to help create speedy meals in minutes.

With its large 1,250ml bowl and patented technology, you can steam, blend, defrost and reheat baby food enabling you to create delicious and nutritious meals simply, and quickly.


Other features include:

  • Patented paddle within the steaming basket rotates every 30-seconds for faster cooking.
  • Lid with double lining for better insolation and faster cooking.
  • Large water tank opening with magnetic lid and clear water level marks makes it easier to use.
  • It conveniently beeps, flashes and automatically switches off at the end of cooking.
  • Its gentle heat modulation preserves nutrients and flavours, whilst the in-curved double blade allows a variety of textures adapted to the age of your baby.


A new Babycook means a new design! Always looking to provide parents with the very best, BÉABA has combined the useful and the elegant with pure lines and a compact size that means the Babycook Solo Express looks stylish in any kitchen.

A Host of Accessories and Easy-To-Use:

This new product comes with a host of fantastic accessories including a blending/smoothie lid, spatula, and recipe booklet. Plus, it’s BPA -free, BPF-free, BPS-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free.

So, if you’re starting your weaning journey and you’ve no time to lose, the BÉABA Babycook Solo Express is the product for you!

Did you also know that you can find lots of recipes and plenty of weaning inspiration at Bé Recipes can even be searched for using age and stage of weaning.

Visit for product stockists and follow to join the conversation.


September Product of the Month: Bibetta Wipeezee® Coverall Bib

Let your kids explore food textures and tastes with Bibetta’s brilliant Wipeezee® Coverall Bib. They can get really messy while you relax, knowing it can all be easily wiped off to a sparkly clean finish, ready for the next meal!

Bibetta Wipeezee XL Coverall Bib 2354-2-SQ-72dpi
Bibetta Wipeezee XL Coverall Bib

For mega messy moments simply scoop everything up in the coverall and rinse it all off under running water in the sink, then throw the Coverall the washing machine; no fuss, no worry, just wipe, wash and go!

It is made with Bibetta’s exclusive Wipeezee®, 100% wipe-clean material; it has a smooth, wipe-clean, polyurethane coating on the front for quick and easy cleaning and a soft, flexible, breathable polyester fabric on the back for excellent comfort.

The innovative, gold award winning bib covers baby’s arms, lap, legs, body, and the highchair table, keeping everything perfectly clean during squidgy and wet mealtimes!

Bibetta Wipeezee XL Coverall- 3 xModesV4- Blue Sea Creatures- 72dpi
Bibetta Wipeezee XL Coverall- 3 xModesV4- Blue Sea Creatures

The unique design of our Coverall means it can be used in three modes to match your child’s eating styles:

  • Full coverage so the bib covers the child, their lap and the highchair tray for maximum protection.
  • Half way back to stick suction bowls and plates on the tray.
  • As an extra long bib with the pocket flipped out to catch dropped food when eating up against the main family table

Our Coverall fits most highchairs thanks to its unique underside ‘pocket’ which stretches over most highchair tables in seconds; quick, easy and no fiddling!

Bibetta Wipeezee XL Coverall Baby Bib- Pink Yummy Treats
Bibetta Wipeezee XL Coverall Baby Bib- Pink Yummy Treats

To add extra stability, if you wish, you can use the two, elastic straps to fasten the bib to the highchair legs and frame in a choice of positions.

  • Made out of Bibetta’s exclusive Wipeezee® 100% wipe-clean material
  • More relaxed mealtimes
  • 100% waterproof, 100% wipe-cleanable and 100% machine washable
  • Quick and easy fitting to most high-chairs
  • No nasty odours
  • Ideal for baby led weaning, messy play and crafts
  • Four beautiful, fun and engaging print designs
  • Perfect for travel – can be rolled or folded up to fit into changing bags when out and about
  • Environmentally friendly; made with recycled polyester and minimal plastics
  • British design
  • Long lasting durable product
Bibetta Wipeezee Sleeved Baby Bib- Green Bunny Veg 2.17-C 72dpi
Bibetta Wipeezee Sleeved Baby Bib- Green Bunny Veg

RRP: £19.99 (Amazon and

August Product of the Month:guzzie+Guss

The Perch

guzzie-product-of-monthWhether at home, in a restaurant or on a picnic day, the Perch portable hanging high chair will give your child a special place at the family table. The Perch attaches to most tables and folds compact for easy storage.

A handy travel bag is included, which you’ll be able to store under the seat when not in use. What makes this high chair so popular is its high-back; 14 inches (35 cm) of comfort; it will give more comfort and support for your little prince or princess.

Are you tight on space, living in a modern apartment? Don’t have a dedicated dining table? The Perch portable hanging high chair is the solution. The Perch easily attaches to countertops or island bars.

RRP £85.95. Colours available: Teal and Salt & Pepper. Available to buy:

The Liner

guzzie-product-of-monthThe Perfect perch accessory for the Perfect chair, the Perch Seat Liner helps keep your Perch cleaner with the removable seat liner.

It’s easy to insert and remove, with machine washable fabric and a padded and waterproof bottom seat.

RRP £14.95. Colours available: Black. Available to buy:

The Placemat

guzzie-product-of-monthThe Perfect accessory for the Perfect chair, the Perch Silicone Placemat is designed to fit under most table chairs. Made with 100% food grade silicone it will easily become your child’s favourite eating surface.

Designed with raised edges to keep in messy spills so your after-meal clean-up will be a breeze. Dishwasher safe and easy to fold up for storage.

It fits most clip-on table highchairs and is made of 100% food grade silicone. It folds compactly for easy storage, with a raised edge to contain spills. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

RRP £18.95. Colours available: Grey. Available to buy:

Find out more about guzzie+Guss

guzzie-product-of-monthGuzzie, (pronounced “goozy”), is the nickname given to the founder’s daughter by her big brother. Guss, of course, was her imaginary friend. While Guzzie is all grown up now, with two wonderful daughters of her own, the nickname still sticks.

And so too does the family’s dedication to creating amazing baby products, as well as their longstanding loyalty to those who have worked with them for decades now. It’s all about family.

The place we live in, Vancouver British Columbia, is at the core of each and every product we produce. It’s urban, modern, and fast-paced, yet full of parks and just minutes from the mountains, ocean, and other wide-open spaces.

Great gear here must be nimble, lightweight, smart and very durable. Our products fit as well at home as they do out and about because that’s exactly what our active lifestyles require.

Find out more at


July Product of the Month: Magical Wool

Magical Wool: All You Need to Know

When it comes to skincare, Magical Wool embraces a simple philosophy: less is more. Their mission is to offer the most effective and safest solution for healing nappy rash and soothing sore nipples, all while being chemical-free and environmentally friendly.

Magical Wool believes in healing inflammation organically, with zero tolerance for unhealthy ingredients that might be harmful to you or your baby’s health.

How it works


Lanolin is renowned for its healing properties and is commonly used as the main active ingredient in baby creams to effectively treat inflammation, including conditions like nappy rash. The wool used by Magical Wool is rich in Lanolin, making it an excellent choice for alleviating and healing inflammation.

Moreover, the wool has the remarkable ability to absorb up to 40% of its weight in moisture. This feature ensures that the contact area remains dry, allowing the skin to “breathe” and be oxygenated when placed on the skin. Unlike traditional creams, Magical Wool offers a mess-free solution for combating inflammation.



Magical Wool is fully dedicated to creating a safe, natural, and environmentally friendly environment. Their wool is entirely natural and organic, devoid of any chemicals or preservatives that may pose risks to you or your little one.

In addition to avoiding harmful substances, Magical Wool takes active steps towards fostering a cleaner world by utilising plastic-free and biodegradable packaging. By embracing sustainable practices, they strive to create a better future for generations to come.

magical-woolAdditionally, Magical Wool firmly opposes animal cruelty and firmly believes in treating nature and its resources with utmost respect. They proudly hold the KbT certification, a stringent German regulation that prohibits any harmful practices and ensures that shearing is carried out responsibly and ethically. It is worth noting that the sheep providing the wool live freely in the German and Austrian Alps, under strict organic conditions.

In conclusion, Magical Wool goes beyond simply healing inflammation; it serves as a gateway to a safer and more effective approach in addressing inflammation. Through their emphasis on simplicity and sustainability, Magical Wool unlocks the true potential of ensuring a healthier and more effective approach for both you and your little one.

Product of the Month: Heidi Rose London’s Mummy & Me Collection

Heidi Rose London, the luxury lifestyle brand for babies and children, is delighted to launch its very first Mummy & Me nightwear collection.

The timeless collection features a whimsical ribbon print in soft pink and white, crafted from the highest quality 100% organic cotton. Charming detailing across the designs including delicate embroidery, flowy ruffles and contrasting stitching bring a touch of elegance to your night-time look, while lightweight fabrics, elasticated cuffs and gold popper buttons ensure total comfort and cosiness as your brood drifts off to dreamland.

The pieces are the first products in Heidi Rose London’s much-anticipated 2023 collection, with accompanying playtime and nursery accessories and resort wear coming very soon.

Discover Heidi Rose London’s Mummy & Me Collection

For Mummy: The Samantha Nightdress

Heidi Rose London Samantha Nightdress

Made from the softest, ultra-lightweight, 100% organic cotton, the Samantha Nightdress for women features Heidi Rose London’s beautifully feminine Lola ribbon print with an elegant u-shaped neckline complete with soft, flowy ruffles and a delicate contrasting thread.

The romantic, full-length sleeves are finished with elasticated cuffs making it oh-so-elegant, yet easy to wear. The floaty, relaxed-fitting silhouette falls just above the ankle.

Available in Adult Sizes XS-L, £120,

For Baby: The Catherine Romper

Heidi Rose London Catherine Romper

Introducing Heidi Rose London’s first ever baby pyjama romper. Made from the softest, exceptionally light-weight, 100% organic cotton, the Catherine Baby Romper comes complete with a round neckline adorned with a delicate double layered ruffled collar and ultra-fine embroidery detail.

This full-length romper has soft elasticated sleeves for a comfortable and practical fit, to make it easy for your little mover to get around. Complete with gold popper buttons, the garment is easy to slip on for the perfect night’s sleep.

Available in sizes 1-24 months, £60,

For Baby: The Lola Sleeping Bag

Heidi Rose London Lola Sleeping Bag

Introducing Heidi Rose London’s first ever baby sleeping bag. Add a touch of elegance to your baby’s nursery with the stunningly plush, 100% organic cotton Lola Sleeping Bag. Adorned with an elegant pique top, sweet Peter Pan collar and finished with a dainty love heart embroidery; this sleeping bag is the perfect addition to your little one’s room.

It’s lined with an organic cotton muslin fabric for extra comfort and fastens securely with gold popper buttons at the shoulders and a side zipper, making baby’s night-times comfortable and cosy.

Available in sizes 6-18 months and 18-36 months, £105,

For Girls: The Catherine Nightie

Heidi Rose London Samantha Nightie

Made from the softest, ultra-lightweight, 100% organic cotton, the Catherine Nightdress is a miniature version of the adult’s nightie and features Heidi Rose London’s beautifully feminine Lola ribbon print, a round neck collar complete with flowy ruffles and a delicate contrasting thread.

The nightdress comes with 3 buttons at the chest making it easy for your little one to put on and making for a comfortable fit. Just like mama’s, the floaty, full-length sleeves are finished with elasticated cuffs while the relaxed-fitting silhouette falls just above the ankles.

Available in Ages 3-10, £65,

About Heidi Rose London

Heidi Rose London is a luxury lifestyle brand for babies and children bringing high quality products into everyday moments. Created with imagination and inspired by beauty by husband-and-wife duo Lauren and Quinten de Graaf; enchanting products are carefully paired with timeless prints and delicate touches to make every piece unique.

Heidi Rose product ranges are not only made with the finest materials, but the brand has put an emphasis on elegance to ensure children’s products and spaces are just as stylish as the grown-up ones!

May Product of the Month: SnoozeShade

SnoozeShade offer the UK’s favourite range of baby sun and sleep shades. Keeping babies sleeping happily on-the-go and safe from the sun since 2010, SnoozeShade is recommended by baby sleep experts worldwide to help babies get the sleep they need when you have to be out and about.

SnoozeShade Baby Sun and Sleep Shades


A winner of more than 80 awards, SnoozeShade products make travelling with a baby or toddler easier. They give your little one the highest level of sun protection and protect delicate baby skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Invented by a safety-obsessed mum, SnoozShade has products for carrycots, prams, strollers, double prams, infant car seats, and travel cots.

“SnoozeShade is one of only a handful of products that I recommend to my clients. I carry one wherever I go and suggest my clients do the same,” says Heidi, The Parent & Baby Coach.

Save 10% with BABY10 and find out more at

April Product of the Month: Pure Earth Collection Organic Blackout Blinds

This month, it’s Pure Earth Collection’s Organic Blackout Blinds, perfect for creating the ultimate sleeping environment for your baby’s nursery.

Pure Earth Collection Organic Blackout Blinds


Why Are Blackout Blinds a Necessity for a Baby’s Bedroom?

Creating a dark environment in your baby’s bedroom can help your little one get longer, better quality sleep. Unfortunately, most blackout blinds are made from synthetic fabrics like PVC and use toxic coatings.

These fabrics have been found to leach thousands of harmful chemicals, including phthalates, into the air that we breathe. The chemicals build up inside our houses and are a major contributor to poor indoor air quality. Sadly, due to the products in our homes today, indoor air quality is now around 6x worse than outdoor air quality, even in major cities.

As we move into spring and the days get longer, parents will be looking for solutions to keep out all the extra daylight. Blackout blinds are a quick and effective way to create a dark and sleepy environment and help promote the natural production of melatonin (the sleepy hormone in our babies.)

Melatonin plays a huge role in helping your baby get better sleep. It’s the sleepy hormone produced naturally by our bodies when the sun goes down and it sends messages to the body to sleep, so it’s super important to help our kids produce lots of this lovely natural hormone at bedtime. So how can parents block out the daylight whilst maintaining safe and healthy air quality in their baby’s bedrooms?

Why the Pure Earth Collection Organic Blackout Blinds are the Best


Pure Earth Collection’s organic blackout blinds are the first totally natural blackout blinds on the market. Made using 100% natural organic cotton, using safe and non-toxic dyes. The fabric is totally natural with no PVC and no blackout coatings.

So, unlike many conventional blackout blinds, they’re safe to leave up in direct sunlight and won’t leach chemicals into the air. With versatile, size-adjusting eyelets these blinds fit almost any window or double door. The nine movable super sticky suction cups ensure a close fit to the glass, blocking out maximum light. These are perfect for daytime naps, light evenings and summer mornings.

Easy to fold and transport using the organic cotton drawstring travel bag provided. They can be used at home and when you’re away – making sure your children get the best possible sleep when you’re on the move too.

Find Out More About Pure Earth Collection

Pure Earth Collection makes natural, non-toxic and biodegradable children’s products. They are passionate about keeping our children safe and protecting their future by looking after both their health and that of our beautiful planet. That’s why they’ve created a range of award-winning children’s products which use natural, sustainable and biodegradable materials, with no nasty chemicals.



Organic Blackout Blinds RRP £88. Find out more & shop at

March Product of the Month: Mama Bamboo Sustainable Bamboo Nappies & Wipes

From buggies and bassinets to must-have pregnancy items, we’ll have all the lowdown on the best new products out there for mum and baby.

This month, it’s Mama Bamboo’s sustainable bamboo nappies & wipes. Their sustainably sourced bamboo nappies have a softer than cotton feel with no irritation or allergens.

Mama Bamboo Sustainable Nappies & Wipes

mama-bambooYour babies’ skin is very delicate; it’s 30% thinner and more porous than an adult’s skin. Mama Bamboo’s vegan friendly bamboo wipes are soft and super strong and contain 99% purified water, soothing aloe vera and coconut extract. Plus, they are 100% compostable.

They use 100% plant-based top and bottom covers (not just ‘enhanced’ material), and their nappies are also free from elemental chlorine, alcohol, latex and PVC.

Why are Mama Bamboo nappies & wipes the best?

mama-bamboo-product-of-monthBamboo is a grass, not a tree, and it grows super-fast in its natural environment. It is organically grown without pesticides or fertilisers and unlike many crops, including cotton, bamboo does not need an enormous amount of water to grow. Bamboo is also 3x more effective as a carbon sink than any other tree or grass, making it the ideal crop for helping to lower CO2 and slowing climate change.

The fabric created using bamboo is breathable and temperature regulating. Just like silk, it allows air to circulate around your babies’ skin helping to keep it healthy, cool, and dry, preventing nasty nappy rashes. The chlorine free super absorbent core locks moisture away, so you can be confident it will keep baby dry for up to 12 hours day and night.

Mama Bamboo nappies and wipes support a sustainable lifestyle without compromising on quality.

Find out more about Mama Bamboo

mama-bamboo-product-of-monthHere at Mama Bamboo, we are determined to make choosing a greener parenting lifestyle as simple and easy as possible. With a staggering 8 million disposable plastic nappies used in the UK every day, we set our sights on developing a nappy which is as kind to baby as it is to the planet.

Named B-Corp “Best for the World” two years in a row, we believe we have found the perfect blend of convenience, performance, and sustainability to enrich both your baby’s life and yours, today and tomorrow. Our convenient subscription service means you will never run out, as our award-winning bamboo nappies and wipes are delivered straight to your door.

Nappies RRP: £9.95 or Subscribe & Save 20%. Wipes RRP: £7.80 (3 x packs of 60, 180 wipes). Find out more & shop at

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February Product of the Month: Five of Us Pushchair Footmuff

From buggies and bassinets to must-have pregnancy items, we’ll have all the lowdown on the best new products out there for mum and baby.

This month, as the cold weather continues, we’re looking to Five of Us’ Foldable Pushchair Footmuff.

Five of Us Pushchair Footmuff

Five of Us’ Foldable Pushchair Footmuff

Five of Us’ Foldable Pushchair Footmuff is handmade in Spain by skilled artisans, using sustainably sourced fabrics. Designed to fit most foldable pushchairs on the market such as Silver Cross, Bugaboo and Mamas & Papas, it will adapt to your baby’s growth thanks to its pre-cut holes.

Its versatile double zip system will allow you to bring your baby out of it from either side whilst allowing you to remove the front piece to become a pushchair liner in beautiful prints.

Five of Us Pushchair Footmuff in Black Lily Marigold

It is easy to attach to the pushchair thanks to its adaptable flaps and straps on both ends of the footmuff, which also makes it safer as your baby’s feet will not be unattached from the pushchair.

For a complete pram-chic look, Five of Us offers a range of other nursery accessories in matching prints, from maternity and changing bags to blankets, stroller organisers, changing mats, muslins and mitten gloves which attach to the pram handle to keep parents’ hands cosy on the go!

The footmuff is available in several other prints and sizes, offering a cosy option for every pram and pushchair!

Five of Us Pushchair Footmuff in Grey Gingham Check Blossom

About Five of Us

Designed in London and handcrafted in Spain, Five of Us is a stylish and sustainable collection of nursery items, knitwear and customisable childrenswear for babies and children aged up to 10.

This family business, founded by Queralt Ferrer and her husband, has made it its mission to revive the traditional handcraftsmanship of ateliers that have specialised in their skill for generations. These traditional methods are combined with an up-to-date style, an emphasis on sustainability and a modern artisan touch.

Footmuffs-five-of-us-product-of-monthUnder the Creative Direction of Queralt Ferrer, who has spearheaded design at international fashion brands including Massimo Dutti, Marks & Spencer and now John Lewis, the brand was born in late 2021 from her childhood memories of playfulness, freedom, and adventure.

These memories are combined with decades of experience in the fashion industry and a passion for genuine style and craftsmanship of the highest quality, to bring a unique proposition to the nursery and children’s sector.

Footmuffs-five-of-us-product-of-monthA commitment to sustainability is at the core of Five of Us, with all pieces handcrafted from organic cotton, natural fabrics and recycled yarns certified by leading bodies such as GOTS, ECOVERO or RWS.

Likewise, all packaging is recyclable or recycled and a low-volume approach looks to challenge the issue of over-production and wastage in the fashion industry. Five of Us works with small, family run businesses and artisans who have honed their craft over generations to create pieces of the highest quality that are made to last.

Find out more at @fiveofus_thebrand, @fou_thebrand and

The full range includes: Pink Macro Check Marigold, Black Lily Marigold, Grey Textured Marigold, Manon, Pink Mini Check Daisy, Black Mini Check Daisy, Green Gingham Check Daisy, Grey Gingham Check Daisy, Black Macro Check Daisy, Green Gingham Check Blossom, Grey Gingham Check Blossom, Black Mini Check Blossom. For more information or to shop, please visit

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January Product of the Month: Seraphine’s Skin-to-Skin Tops

This month, it’s Seraphine’s Skin-to-Skin range, suitable for all new parents. A popular item from this leading maternity and nursing brand, Seraphine’s Skin-to-Skin tops are recommended by midwives for parent to baby bonding.

product of month-babywearing-seraphine
Seraphine Skin-to-Skin top in black

Made in Portugal from a soft, stretchy cotton of which is gentle on the skin, these tops are suitable from birth and allow the parent to be hands-free when sitting or reclining with the wrap ties that offer a flexible fit.

The beauty of the Skin-to-Skin range is whilst the wrap ties provide great support, securing baby in the optimal position and allowing you to enjoy hands-free snuggles, the clever top can also be worn as a stylish wrap nursing top, providing easy access for breastfeeding – making it a must-have for new mums.

product of month-babywearing-seraphine
Seraphine Skin-to-Skin top in grey, worn during pregnancy

Seraphine notes the benefits of Skin-to-Skin to be plentiful; soothing the baby, stimulates oxytocin, boosts milk supply, regulates baby’s body temperature, and most importantly allows for that important closeness.

Available in slate blue, black and grey for £49. Find out more at

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December Product of the Month: Rockit’s Wooshh

This month, our product of the month is Rockit’s Wooshh – the small but mighty sound soother.

All You Need to Know About Wooshh

wooshh-product-of-monthWooshh surrounds your baby with soothing sounds wherever you go. The comforting sounds in this pocket-sized sleep aid will help to soothe baby and mask disruptive noises to help them drift off into a sound sleep, anywhere! There are 8 high quality sounds and 4 volume levels to choose from, so you can find the perfect soothing environment for your baby.

    • Versatile design allows you to stand, clip or strap it out of reach of your baby, wherever you are – inside or outside.
    • So small, it fits in any bag or even your pocket – so you can take it everywhere you go.
      Rechargeable, so no need for batteries – simply use the USB cable included to charge it.
    • 1-hour auto shutdown mode is great for daytime naps, or switch to the 10-hour all-night mode – useful for those extra tricky nights.

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The Science Behind Wooshh


Advanced music mastering techniques were used in Wooshh, to produce high-quality sounds from a small speaker. And the 8 sounds were all recorded and mixed to achieve soothing qualities.

Wooshh has two types of shushing noises, so you can pick the most effective version for your baby. It has two calming water sounds – stream or heavy rain – and womb noises to recreate the soothing environment they were in during pregnancy.

The ambient music is perfect to use as a sleep cue while you get your baby ready for bed, plus there’s a truly relaxing purring cat sound. And, lastly, Wooshh has genuine outer space noises (used with kind permission from NASA) that will transport them to the ‘Land of Nod’.

We’re confident that, with such a wide variety of noises to choose from and 4 volume levels, you’ll be able to create a perfectly calm environment for your baby – and maybe even yourself!

Wooshh is already winning awards alongside Rockit’s other sleep aid products. Nick and Matt even visited Buckingham Palace in the summer to receive two prestigious Queen’s Awards!

Why Was Wooshh Created?

Wooshh has a tiny design so you can take it everywhere

Do you ever find yourself making ‘shushing’ sounds to help settle your baby? Then, once they’re asleep, do you creep around the house in case you wake them? Do you go away for the weekend and find it harder to soothe your little one due to unfamiliar sounds and environments?

These were the reasons Nick and Matt, the two Dads behind the multi award-winning and parent favourite Rockit Rocker, came up with Wooshh – the small but mighty sound soother!

“We noticed lots of parents were struggling to find a sound soother that actually worked for them,” said Matt.

“It seemed trying to find a soother that was portable enough, yet offered a good variety of calming, high quality sounds was not easy and so we put our heads together to come up with the perfect solution.

Nick and Matt at Buckingham Palace to receive their Queen’s Award for Enterprise

“Nick has a PhD in vibration and acoustics and worked really hard to record and optimise 8 unique soothing sounds that would play in near smart speaker quality out of a tiny speaker (Wooshh is only 6cm tall!).

“Keeping the size so small makes Wooshh ideal for popping in your pocket so it can be used out and about and taken away on holiday in your hand luggage.

“We also wanted to make sure the rechargeable battery would allow the sounds to play all night as we recognised 60 minutes would not be enough for many parents.”

To find out more about Wooshh and Rockit’s full range visit RRP £24.99 (get 10% off using code BABY10).

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November Product of the Month: Joie Signature’s i-Prodigi Car Seat

This month, our product of the month is the extended rear facing i-Size car seat from leading pushchair and car seat company Joie.

The i-Prodigi: All You Need to Know

Featuring the latest safety upgrades and proven by the toughest crash test, the Swedish Plus Test, the i-Prodigi car seat makes ultimate safety available to everyone – and is suitable from birth to seven years old, thanks to its extended five-point harness that grows with your child all the way up to 23kg.

Look back longer

Your child is defended in every direction all the way from birth to big kid in this long-term rearward-only solution.

Ride rearward from birth to approx. seven years old, in a seat that’s five times safer for fragile and underdeveloped necks, with grow-with-me infant body and head support.

The Tri-Protect™ headrest has three layers of foam, including patented Intelli-Fit™ memory foam, for optimal side impact protection, and a detachable Guard Surround Safety™ panel provides extra side protection.

i-Prodigi-product-of-the-monthSwedish Plus Tested tough

Transport the world’s highest safety standards to your back seat for undeniably powerful protection.

The high travel speeds combined with rapid deceleration of the Swedish Plus Test create the greatest g-forces of any car seat crash test – giving you total peace of mind that your putting your child in the safest possible car seat for the next seven years.

i-Prodigi-product-of-the-monthKick back and relax

A deep shell and extendable rebound bar offer plenty of legroom to stretch out as they grow up.

There is an eight-position recline for instant comfort that’s both luxurious and fuss-free, with adjustable legroom allows for comfortable extended rearward facing for older children. Kids of any size can cruise comfortably with plenty of space to stretch out at as they grow thanks to the extendable rebound bar.

i-Prodigi-product-of-the-monthHeavy on safety, not on bulk

Easy to install with an easy one-time ISOFIX install and at less than 10 kg, this featherweight makes light work of loading up, with a lightweight design made with aluminium and less plastic.

ISOFIX connectors lock tight in an instant for a secure ride no matter the bumps in the road.

iprodigi_eclipseThe right angle

The adjustable rebound bar custom fits to vehicle seat, with magnetic buckle holders that keep straps out the way for loading and unloading, alongside a one pull motion that easily tightens the five-point harness.

That’s alongside built in side ventilation, plush cushioning and fabrics keep little ones cosy and removable, washable covers.

Buy now

RRP from £575 in the colour Eclipse. Buy now from

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October Product of the Month: Learning Resources’ Fine Motor Skills Developmental Toys

This month, our product of the month is the early years developmental toys from leading educational toys company Learning Resources.

Working closely with experts, they make award-winning educational toys and games that help children learn through fun, hands-on play, and have been doing so for nearly 40 years.

Each of their fine motor skills developmental toys helps little ones build strength and coordination in the small muscles in their hands which they need to do everyday tasks including tying their shoelaces, eating with cutlery, fastening buttons, and holding a pencil to write.

learning-resources-product-of-the-monthTheir developmental toys also help toddlers build other essential early years skills such as number and colour recognition through fun play. Learning Resources toys are recommended by teachers, trusted by parents, and loved by children.

These Learning Resources toys are all made from durable, high quality materials and are easy to wipe clean after use. Pieces store inside each toy, which makes it easy to tidy up after playtime is over.

Colourful and Fun

Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog®

Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog® helps little ones build up their hand muscles, hand-eye co-ordination, and dexterity each time they pull out and push in Spike’s colourful quills.

The chunky quills are easy for little hands to grasp and hold, and the shape helps guide little hands into the different hand grasps children do naturally when first learning to hold crayons and pencils.

The 12 colourful quills come in four colours (red, orange, green, and purple) and can also be used for sorting activities, and each quill opening on Spike’s back is numbered, which helps young children learn their 123s.

RRP: £16.50. Shop now

See Early Years Skills Bloom

Poppy The Count & Stack Flower Pot™

As little ones grab and plant the colourful flowers into Poppy the Count & Stack Flower Pot™ they build strength and control of the muscles in their wrist, thumb and forefingers.

And as they hold Poppy with one hand to pull out the flowers with another, they practise bilateral integration, which is central to being able to use both sides of the body in a coordinated way during a task such as holding a piece of paper in one hand while using scissors to cut with the other.

Poppy’s colourful flowers are also numbered, which reinforces early number recognition skills through play.

RRP: £15.00. Shop now

Fun Fine Motor Friend

Carlos The Pop & Count Cactus™

Each time little ones “plant” the flowers and spikes into the friendly plant pal Carlos the Pop & Count Cactus™, they build strength and control in the muscles in their hands and wrists, as well as hand-eye coordination, and dexterity.

And like Poppy, when children hold Carlos with one hand and pull out or push in the spikes and flowers with another, they practise bilateral integration. The colourful spikes and flowers are also numbered, which reinforces number recognition.

RRP £16.00. Shop now

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September Product of the Month: Mummys Magic Nappy Care

This month, we’re looking to one of the important things ever when it comes to being a new parent – SLEEP! More than ever before, there is so much controversy and free advice online – and it can be hard to know where to turn.

This month, our product of the month is the Mummys Magic Nappy Care Spray. Mummys Magic is the only nappy barrier and treatment available on the market that is both an easy to use spray and made with natural products and no chemicals.

Mummys Magic and the Nappy Care Spray products were created by Julie Ashworth over 20 years ago, to help with her daughter’s allergy to conventional nappies.

mummysmagicThe 100% vegan and plant based spray is a chemical free alternative to soothe and protect baby’s precious skin, and has been dermatologically tested for sensitive and eczema prone-skin.

The spray isn’t just for babies, either – it’s suitable for mum, dad and even pets on many other skin conditions!

Founder Julei

The story of Mummys Magic began in 1999 when founder Julie’s daughter Lauren developed severe nappy rash and nothing worked. Julie used her experience as an aromatherapist and made her own spray with aromatherapy oils, shea butter, rosewater and aloe in a non-touch spray bottle – and it worked! Her daughter slept for the first time in days and it cleared it up in no time.

Mummys Magic is now popular with many celebrities, and was awarded the ‘best vegan nappy spray’ at the Mother and Baby Awards 2021 and ‘Best Vegan Nappy Treatment Company 2022’ at the same awards. They were also recently crowned one of Theo Paphitis’ #SBS winners as one of the leading small businesses in the UK.

The product is available on Amazon for £13.99 and at

Buy now and find out more at Mummys Magic 

August Product of the Month: Joie Calmi™ and i-Base™ Encore

This month, we’re looking to one of the important things ever when it comes to being a new parent – SLEEP! More than ever before, there is so much controversy and free advice online – and it can be hard to know where to turn.

This month, say hello to Joie™, a family-first kind of company, driven by the simple joys of childhood. Joie’s Signature collection brings first class luxury to everyday outings and clever solutions to everyday needs, and the newest addition to this collection is no exception…

Held up to the highest safety standards, the Joie Signature calmi™ is a lie-flat car cot that cleverly combines the protection of a car seat with the comfort of a carrycot for safer snoozing on-the-go.

Stylish and lightweight

Joie Signature’s Calmi™ Car Cot and i-Base™ EncoreWith baby snuggled up and lying back in the Joie calmi™, enjoy seamless car-to-pushchair transitions that keep naptime rolling smoothly.

The Joie Signature calmi™ is currently available in luxurious oyster, stylish eclipse, or chic pine! Suitable lateral facing from 40-70 cm, up to 9 kg, the 180° lie flat car cot doubles as a car seat and carrycot. Calmi™ is travel system compatible with the Joie versatrax, finiti, and aeria.

Joie Signature’s Calmi™ Car Cot and i-Base™ EncoreThe lightweight design at just 3.6 kg, makes for easy transfers from car to pushchair to home along with the easily accessible release buttons on the side of the cot. When using the calmi™ in the car, the infant body and head support securely cradles the littlest of babies and the full coverage, UPF 50+ canopy is water repellent and includes a mesh peekaboo window for when you are out and about.

Calmi™ and i-Base™

Joie Signature’s Calmi™ Car Cot and i-Base™ EncoreCalmi™ can be paired with the i-Base™ Encore for the perfect system. This clever base transforms othee Encore System infant carriers and toddler seats into rotating seats with a one-hand spin.

Pair the Joie i-Base Encore with your choice of Joie seats and create a custom and convenient back seat experience as your child grows from birth to big kid.

Joie Signature’s Calmi™ Car Cot and i-Base™ EncoreThe system meets the highest R129 safety standards with exclusive side-impact certification and ISOFIX only install, so both your baby and your mind can rest secure.

Buy now and find out more at Joie Baby

July Product of the Month: The Parent & Baby Coach

This month, we’re looking to one of the important things ever when it comes to being a new parent – SLEEP! More than ever before, there is so much controversy and free advice online – and it can be hard to know where to turn.

Having a new baby is one of the most magical, overwhelming and exhausting experiences in a lifetime. Whilst adapting to having a little person who relies entirely on you it can be a shock to learn that actually the phrase “sleep like a baby” maybe isn’t actually the reality of having a new bundle in your arms.

Many new parents often remark on the lack of sleep advice in antenatal classes, meaning parents are often underprepared for both what sleep looks like in the newborn days, as well as how best to deal with it.

A New Style of Antenatal Support

parent-baby-coachThat’s where The Parent and Baby Coach’s online courses come in. With three online courses tailed specifically for newborns, babies from five-12 months and toddlers, you can access information and advice from one of the UK’s leading baby sleep coaches, right from the comfort of your own home.

The Parent and Baby Coach online sleep courses provide parents with a variety of different ideas and approaches to help support their baby’s sleep, without judgement, shame or parents feeling as though they are backed into a corner. Parents are encouraged to use their gut instinct when deciding how to go about sleep.

The Parent and Baby Coach recognises fully that sleep is a huge pillar of maternal mental health, and helps support new parents by putting in slow and steady sleep practices from the early weeks onwards which helps enhance a baby’s sleep and creates confidence in parents too.

The courses are all about empowering parents with information so that they can create healthy long term sleep habits for the whole family.

It’s Not About Crying

One of the biggest concerns of many parents is that by getting help with a baby’s sleep, it means closing the door on them until the morning and leaving them to cry. As a sleep coach with over 11 years experience, Heidi from The Parent and Baby Coach is hugely passionate that this is not what you need to do, in order to get some more sleep.

Whilst there are some advocates of cry it out, The Parent and Baby Coach offers a range of sleep solutions including approaches which involve not leaving your baby at all, to approaches that have a turnaround of only a couple of day, which can involve giving baby space to settle for a few minutes before retuning to them. All of the approaches are designed with each family’s specific parenting style in mind.

A Truly Holistic Approach

parent-baby-coachThe use of the word holistic in baby sleep is very much a buzz right now but at The Parent and Baby Coach, sleep has been holistic for much longer than it has just been a trend for. When working on sleep, you are encouraged to look into all areas of your baby’s sleep – not only just the way in which they settle.

Heidi is a renowned expert in baby reflux, so focuses heavily on a baby’s feeding and any underlying tummy issues to help her clients get to the bottom of exactly why their baby’s sleep is broken.

Quality of 1-1 Support for the Price of a Course

The Parent and Baby Coach online courses cover everything you need to know as a parent to improve your little ones sleep, without the price tag of a one-to-one consultation.

Heidi is passionate about trying to reach as many new parents as possible, making them accessible and helping everyone move towards a full night’s sleep as and when they are ready.

Heidi is a mother of two boys and knows full well how it feels to be juggling modern-day motherhood with working and all that comes with having a full life and small children! To find out more about The Parent and Baby Coach’s services including 1-1’s and online courses, visit or head over to Instagram @theparentandbabycoach.

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June Product of the Month: Inglesina’s Electa Travel System

This month, we’re looking to Inglesina’s latest award-winning travel system, Electa, which condenses a carrycot, stroller, stand and car seat into a compact, lightweight system. Designed for the non-stop pace of families living in the city, the Electa is easy to manoeuvre while boasting effortless style and comfort.

Electa in Tribeca Green

Incredibly lightweight

The Electa’s stroller weighs in at just 8.7kg, while the chassis is only 5.5kg. Whether you’re lifting it on-and-off public transport, carrying it up and down stairs, or just packing it into the car boot, the lightness of the Electa makes it feel effortless.

Surprisingly compact

Other travel systems’ designs are often heavy and clunky. Inglesina’s solution is sleek and compact, with a chassis that folds down to just 73.5 x 50cm when closed – the size of a small suitcase!

inglesina-electa-travel-systemEasy to use

The Electa’s one-hand fold allows you to easily fold and unfold the system, all without the handle or fabric parts touching the ground. Plus, its state-of-the-art chassis and generous wheel dimensions make it easy to manoeuvre.

Italian style

Made in their factory in Vicenza, Italy, the Electa boasts the elegant Italian style of Inglesina’s products. With high-quality fabrics in a modern design, the travel system is available in three stylish colours: Greenwich Silver, Tribeca Green, and Upper Black.

inglesina-electa-travel-systemBaby wellness

With Inglesina, you can be sure that your little one’s comfort and wellness are always of the utmost priority. The Electa is no exception. The large, spacious carrycot allows room for little ones to grow and stretch, while the stand-up offers easy transportation to the nursery without disturbing their sleep.

In addition to this, the patented Welcome Pad mattress – designed by the Neonatal Department of the University of Bologna – ensures little ones are resting with their hips aligned and their posture correct.

RRP from £1,199

Find out more at

May Product of the Month: Tidy Tot’s Bib & Tray Kit

This month we have discovered an absolute ‘must-have’ for any parent about to embark on their weaning journey, or just reaching those particularly messy mealtime milestones! From Tidy Tot, the home of innovative products to help parents and little ones, is the multi award-winning Bib & Tray Kit.

Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit

This game-changing piece of kit includes a large tray which fits over your existing highchair or highchair tray to provide a large, food-safe platform from which your baby can confidently explore and discover their food.

The kit also includes a long sleeve, waterproof, coverall bib which attaches to the tray to close any gaps between baby and highchair to catch any dropped food and prevent it from falling inside the highchair and onto baby’s clothes.

TidyTot-product-of-monthThe large tray features a lipped edge to prevent food, cutlery, cups or toys from falling onto the floor – a genius way to keep food where you want it, preventing food waste and of course less mess to clean up from the floor!

Ideal for all forms of weaning, from spoon-fed to baby-led weaning, this award-winning kit gives you the confidence to let baby explore and discover their food and develop those all important self-feeding skills.

Dove Grey tray

Knowing baby’s clothes and highchair are protected from mess and spills and that food can’t fall onto the floor helps to take a lot of the stress out of mealtimes, not to mention reducing time spent on washing and cleaning.

The Bib & Tray Kit is also perfect for messy play and sensory development – painting, baking, sand, playdough and even water play can all be contained on the large, wipe-clean tray making it an ideal platform to engage in even the messiest of activities with your little one!


Here’s everything you need to know about the Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit:

• Kit includes one large tray and one long-sleeved coverall bib
• Easy clean – simply wipe the tray clean and wipe clean or machine wash the bib
• Tray provides a hygienically clean, food-safe, BPA and Phthalate free surface for your baby to eat from – ideal for at home and eating out
• The long sleeve, coverall bib is easy-clean, in super-soft water-resistant fabric
• Easy to assemble & folds away for easy storage
• Comes with a handy, wipe-clean storage bag
• Grows with baby – adjustable neck fastening suitable from 6 months up to 2 years
• Multi-use – Ideal for both weaning and messy play

This time-saving piece of kit is a sure-fire winner to help make mealtimes with your little one that little bit easier and stress-free whilst enabling them to develop the feeding skills they need to produce happy and confident eaters. Anything that can help to reduce washing and clean up time gets the thumbs up from us!

Use BABYMAG10 for 10% discount (excluding bundles). Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit retails at £32. Available in Dove Grey or Sage Green.


April Product of the Month: Wombat & Co. London’s NUMBAT GO Babywearing Jacket

This month, we’re looking to Wombat & Co. London, a specialist clothing brand that creates beautiful, innovative & practical maternity coats & jackets – specifically their NUMBAT GO.

NUMBAT GO is a foldable 4-in1 babywearing jacket, encompassing all of the benefits of a fantastic lightweight jacket, without compromising on the warmth and comfort of your bigger coat. And of course, it provides the opportunity to bring your little one along with you, wherever you go!

Here’s everything you need to know about the NUMBAT GO:


The NUMBAT GO in Mint by Wombat & Co. London

Like all the Wombat & Co. London products, NUMBAT GO is compatible with all ergonomic baby carriers and slings and allows for 4 uses: Pregnancy, Front Babywearing, Back Babywearing and normal use, with the additional advantage of folding into a bag in three quick steps.

Designed for Spring/Summer, NUMBAT GO is shower proof, wind resistant, breathable and very stylish too!

Created with durability in mind, NUMBAT GO is designed to support mums from pregnancy, through babywearing and beyond. Practical, high quality, affordable and durable. Take it anywhere you go!

Available in 5 sizes (S to XXL), NUMBAT GO comes in 5 colours: Mustard, Mint, Navy, Purple and Black.

The NUMBAT GO in Mustard (left) and Mint (right) by Wombat & Co. London

Just mum

When you are not babywearing, you just remove the insert and you are ready to go for as long as you want. NUMBAT GO is made to last for years!

Pregnancy jacket

In the last stages of pregnancy, where you can’t close your jacket anymore, just zip in the insert, and voilà, you have room for your baby bump.

As all the Wombat & Co. London babywearing coats, the NUMBAT GO central panel comes with cinchable strings that help adapt the coat to the size of your bump throughout the pregnancy.


There are times when, for some people, back babywearing is more practical, so we designed the adjustable insert that comes with every WALLABY to handle rear babywearing too.

Front babywearing

NUMBAT GO allows front babywearing and back babywearing. By buying an additional insert, mums can also tandem or babywear at the back when they are pregnant.

The insert adapts to the size of your baby, so you can babywear until your little one is 3 to 4 years old.

Retail price: £99

SHOP NOW at Wombat & Co. London

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