Baby names: Olivia and Oliver top the latest list

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The list of baby names for 2016 has just been released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), and there’s a few notable movers and new entries to the top 100

Olivia and Oliver top the respective name lists for girls and boys, with Olivia returning to the top spot after a brief period as the most popular name between 2008 and 2010.

Other notable names in the top 10 include Muhammad, which sits at number eight in the list. The biggest riser for girls is Harper, which has risen 682 places in the last decade to number 44 – seemingly a direct influence of the birth of Harper Beckham in 2011. Arlo was the biggest climber among boys in the past year, rising 53 places to number 49.Other high risers include Jaxon for boys and Luna for girls.

George, which has long been a popular name, has seen a year-on-year rise since the little prince was born in 2013, with Charlotte too sitting at number 12 on the girl’s list.

There’s other social and culture influences, too. Finn and Rey, two characters from recent Star Wars film The Force Awakens, join the list. There were 69 baby girls named Khaleesi in 2016 – the word for ‘queen’ in George R R Martin’s Game of Thrones – and four Daenerys’ too. It’s clear that parents are choosing more diverse names; there’s now 7,500 baby names on the girls list, which is a marked increase from 5,000 in 1996.

It’s hard to please everyone with your name choice, though. A survey by Mumsnet and its sister site Gransnet has found that one in five grandparents hate their granchild’s name. Most disliked names include Charlotte, Elijah, Aurora and Finn, with objections due to the name being too odd or unconventional. However, more than one in three parents think the prospective grandparents have no business in the matter.

So, now to the list itself! Here are the top 20 names from each list:

Top 20 girl names:

1. Olivia
2. Amelia
3. Emily
4. Isla
5. Ava
6. Isabella
7. Lily
8. Jessica
9. Ella
10. Mia
11. Sophia
12. Charlotte
13. Poppy
14. Sophie
15. Grace
16. Evie
17. Alice
18. Scarlett
19. Freya
20. Florence

Top 20 boy names:

1. Oliver
2. Harry
3. George
4. Jack
5. Jacob
6. Noah
7. Charlie
8. Muhammad
9. Thomas
10. Oscar
11. William
12. James
13. Leo
14. Alfie
15. Henry
16. Joshua
17. Freddie
18. Archie
19. Ethan
20. Isaac

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