24 Romantic Baby Name Ideas in Time for Valentine’s Day

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Babies mean love all around, so what better time of the year to consider a romantic name for your baby than Valentines? Check out these cute romantic baby name ideas for your new little cherub…

Names hold a huge amount of meaning. The meaning or the sound of a name can inspire personality, power, identity and expression.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, parents may be considering a name inspired by this romantic occasion for their little one. Smart Cells have compiled a list of the most popular romantic baby name ideas, as well as a few more unusual and unique suggestions, that literally mean love!

Romantic Baby Name Ideas

5 Most Popular Baby Girl Names That Mean Love

  • Ivy – A wreath of ivy was worn by newlyweds in ancient Greece to show their loyalty and devotion to each other. Ivy symbolises eternity and faithfulness.
  • Freya – Freya is the Norse goddess of love, beauty and fertility so perfect for a baby girl born on Valentine’s Day.
  • Mia – The name Mia means ‘mine’ and ‘beloved’.
  • Rosie – Roses are widely known as the most romantic flower and are often given on Valentine’s Day to loved ones. Rosie is a beautiful adaptation of the classic name Rose.
  • Mabel – This traditional yet name means “loveable” and has taken off in recent years.

More Romantic Baby Names for Girls

  • Amy – Now outranked by the more modern spellings, such as Aimee, Amy is actually becoming less and less popular each year with only 166 little girls given this name in 2021. Amy means ‘beloved’.
  • Darcy – Although this name doesn’t officially have a romantic definition, the subtle Pride & Prejudice connections make it a lovely choice for a Valentine’s baby.
  • Cara – This name means ‘beloved’ making it the perfect choice for a little girl born in February.
  • Esme – This elegant French name literally means ‘loved’ making it perfect for a baby girl born in February.
  • Valentina – Valentina is a perfect name for a baby girl born in February, with it obviously being a play on the word Valentine. It also means ‘strength and health’.
  • Suki – Meaning ‘loved one’ in Japanese.
  • Priya – This name means ‘beloved’.
  • Dua – This is an Albanian name meaning ‘love’, which has become more well-known globally thanks to British-Albanian popstar, Dua Lipa.

5 Most Popular Baby Boy Names That Mean Love

  • David – This traditional name means ‘beloved’ and is perfect for a little boy born during the romantic season. At number 62, it’s popular, but not overused.
  • Caleb – Caleb is a Hebrew name that means ‘faithful’, ‘whole-hearted’ and ‘loyal’.
  • Milo – The name Milo means ‘beloved’.
  • Liam – Liam is another more traditional name that means ‘desire’, ‘guardian’ and ‘protector’.
  • Beau – Beau literally means ‘beautiful’ in French, but also  ‘sweetheart’ and ‘admirer’ if you need any more reasons to give this name to your little Valentine!

More Romantic Baby Names for Boys

  • Darrell – If you decide to call your baby boy Darrell then the chances are there won’t be another in their classroom! This name means ‘beloved’.
  • Lennon – The name Lennon means ‘lover’.
  • Romeo – Although the name Romeo has no romantic meaning, the heritage of the name couldn’t be any more romantic. Who doesn’t love this Shakespearean classic?
  • Caron – The name Caron is of Welsh origin and means ‘loving’ and ‘kind-hearted’. This name is unisex and could also be used for a baby girl.
  • Pip – A derivative of Phillip, the original Pip was a main character in Great Expectations.
  • Valentino – The masculine variation of the name Valentina, this is the perfect name for a Valentine’s Day baby boy.

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