The Baby Names Destined for Hollywood Stardom

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According to a review of award-winning superstars, these are the top baby names for Hollywood success.

Awards season is in full swing and the coverage from the star-studded events has us dreaming of a life of red carpets, glitzy drinks receptions a overdramatic acceptance speeches.

Unfortunately, it may be a bit late for us to make a career switch and become stars of the silver screen, but you could help secure your baby’s success just be carefully choosing their name.

Online odds insight platform,, has reviewed a number of Oscar and BAFTA winners looking at the names of the most successful actors. A list of the most decorated awards winners amongst Hollywood’s elite was then published to determine the boys and girls names set to lead your little ones to silver screen superstardom.

Browse these top baby names to see the monikers most likely go on to become movie stars and garner awards.

Top 10 Girls Baby Names for Hollywood Success

The research found that Catherine or Katherine topped the list of the most successful girl’s name in Hollywood. The most notable variation of Catherine is Katharine Hepburn who won four Oscars, two BAFTA awards, one Emmy award and was nominated for 12 Oscars, five BAFTAs, eight Golden Globes, one Grammy, six Emmys and two Tony awards.

  1. Catherine/Katherine
  2. Ellen
  3. Thelma
  4. Emma
  5. Jodie
  6. Amy
  7. Jade
  8. Natalie
  9. Emily
  10. Elizabeth/Elisabeth

baby-names-for-hollywoodTop 10 Boys Baby Names for Hollywood Success

Daniel tops the list of male names with Daniel Day-Lewis having received the most Academy Awards for best actor, winning the accolade three times. Other famous Daniels include Daniel Radcliffe, Daniel Craig and breakthrough actor Daniel Kaluuya best known for 2017’s Get Out.

  1. Daniel
  2. Adam
  3. Hugh
  4. Michael
  5. Mark
  6. Chris
  7. Tom
  8. Ryan
  9. James
  10. Ben

Speaking about the findings Spencer James, founder of, said: “I’m not surprised that mums and dads might look to film stars for inspiration when naming their children, media can play such a big part in our lives that there’s no wonder people would tap into it.

“Who knows why there’s such a common theme with certain names, but the data does show that people with these names seem to enjoy a great deal of success! There seems to be a lot more to a name than we initially thought, and if it can give people a head start, it might be something worth considering for expectant parents.”

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