Most Popular Baby Names of 2019


Here are the most popular baby names for 2019, plus some tips on how to choose the perfect name.

We’re now well into 2019 and new baby name trends are becoming clear across the UK and further afield.

The people at Nameberry have been hard at work, tracking which names could reach the number one spot. Currently, Isla is the most popular listed baby name for girls in 2019, while Milo is taking the top spot for the boys.

These monikers have replaced Olivia and Atticus- two of the previously most popular baby names in 2018. Creeping up the ranks, Isla and Milo have both been in the top five baby names since 2017.

The most popular names are calculated by monitoring the names which attract the most attention online, compared to those from this time last year. Read on to find out the most popular baby names in 2019.

Top Baby Names For Girls:


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Island


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Olive Tree


Origin: Spanish, short form of name ‘Mariposa’.

Meaning: Butterfly


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Dawn


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Maiden


Origin: German

Meaning: Noble, Nobility


Origin: Irish

Meaning: She who intoxicates.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Grace


Origin: French

Meaning: Free-man


Origin: German

Meaning: Work


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Top Baby Names For Boys:


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Soldier, Merciful


Origin: Persian

Meaning: Bringer of treasure.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Fortunate one.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: From Attica.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Wood, Forest


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Gift of God


Origin: English

Meaning: God is gracious.


Origin: German

Meaning: Bright, Fair


Origin: Hindi

Meaning: Peaceful


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Fortunate


Choosing the perfect name

Choosing the perfect name can be difficult as you do not know if it is the right match until baby’s arrival. Whether you want to keep it traditional or make it modern- it’s the thought that counts. Take your time- there’s no need to rush it!

The law is on your side and you have up to six weeks to decide upon a name once your baby is born. According to British law, you are able to change the name on the birth certificate up until baby’s first birthday.

There are also many ways to help you make your decision. Use multiple sources and keep a list of your top picks, that way it will be easier to narrow down once it’s time to make the big decision.

Read our complete guide on how to choose your baby’s name for more help, or visit our guide to baby names for inspiration. 

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