Baby Law – The Interview

What is Babylaw? Babylaw is a niche employment law practice specialising in providing advice to those who are suffering from disadvantage at work resulting from their pregnancy and/or child birth. We can assist you if you are having difficulties at work whether it be because of yourpregnancy or returning to work following a period of maternity leave. We work exclusively for employees, offering a confidential and personal service.

How can you help parents? Babylaw can assist you if an individual is having difficulties at work whether it be because of their pregnancy, being on maternity leave or returning to work following a period of maternity leave. I am a qualified solicitor with years of experience, specialising in maternity related employment law. I assist and represent those who have had problems at work because of their pregnancy, childbirth and those having difficulties returning to their job following a period of maternity leave.

What can parents expect from you? Babylaw provides a confidential legal service exclusively for employees. I get to know my clients individually and I pride myself on the high level of service I offer. I accept that it can be difficult to talk to a solicitor in the daytime because of either work commitments or a new baby and this is why I offer an out of hours service by arrangement. I also provide a 30 minute free consultation by telephone so as to enable a client to weigh up their options, without further commitment if they choose not to take their complaint further.

What are some of the common misconceptions parents have about babylaw? I think some people are slightly put off by a law firm, merely for the overall reputation that costs are likely to be high. Babylaw has a different outlook because it is specialist in one area, maternity law. As far as funding is concerned, I offer a 30 minute free consultation, which is usually ample time to provide a range of options available to that individual and their complaint. Thereafter, I offer a number of funding options whether it be insurance funding, no win no fee or fixed fee agreed in advance. I do not operate a policy of sending a surprise invoice for all chargeable time. I am a parent myself and I appreciate how tight money can be, moreso when job security is potentially at risk.

What services do you offer?
I offer legal advice to those having problems at work because of their pregnancy, child birth or returning to work from maternity leave. My services include initial advice right through to litigation in the Employment tribunal.

What feedback have you received from parents?
I have received very positive feedback from my clients. A number of clients have told me that they did not know which way to turn, prior to discovering my firm. Some people can feel intimidated by contacting a larger high street firm who does not necessarily have specialist solicitors in the area of maternity related employment law. How do you charge? I offer a number of funding options including no win no fee, insurance funding or a fixed fee arrangement. I also offer a 30 minute free consultation.

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