This baby laundry hack is a real game changer for new parents

washing on line
Credit: Consumer Dummies

Could this laundry hack make your life any easier?

Washing can seem like a never-ending quest when you’re a parent, but a new laundry hack posted on Facebook earlier this month could be about to make your life marginally easier.

The tip is really simple, and involves hanging baby grows upside down and clipping them over your clothing rack, using its own poppers – without the need for any pegs.

Posted on the Nubs & Bumps Facebook page, several parents were genuinely impressed by the idea, with one mum saying: “Such a good idea, saved loads of pegs because mine are always disappearing or breaking. I don’t know how I never thought of this before.”

Another user commented, “13 years of parenting and I’ve only just found this out!”, while another suggested that “the key is to rotate how you hang them each time – did this when my two were babies and over time it stretches the leg holes a little too far.”

Other parents were less convinced, with many stating that it would take too much time to do up each button: “Looks like a great idea, but it’s actually way more work to be doing up all those domes.”

“How long would it take to button up all those press studs? No sleep deprived mummy or daddy is doing this haha, you could make it quicker by just doing up one popper,” one parent wrote.

“Don’t hook the baby grows on,” suggested another mum. “Just fold them over. You’ll fit the same amount on, they’ll dry just as quick, but it’ll take you the fraction of the time to hang them up and collect them in again!”

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