Real Mum Review: Baby Jogger Summit X3


After 18 months of trying to work out just how to work out, and keep her baby entertained, Chloë Collyer finally decided to try out a jogging stroller…

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller ‘outmaneuvers other strollers on any terrain’ – so mum-of-one Chloë Collyer found out when she took this nifty bit of baby kit for a spin…

Real Mum Review: Baby Jogger Summit X3


The ease of use is a standout feature on the Baby Jogger Summit X3. From the moment I unpacked it, assembling the buggy was a breeze. The intuitive design and clearly illustrated instructions made the process hassle-free, ensuring I was up and running (pun absolutely intended), in no time. Using the stroller is a seamless process too, from folding and unfolding to reclining the seat as my toddler drifts off.

Although we did have one moment where we thought the wheel was stuck and couldn’t figure out a solution from the instruction book, but a quick Google and a YouTube video later we had it figured out – and as a result discovered another handy feature of the Summit X3! (This was the remote front-wheel lock, very handily on the side of the buggy so you can switch straight from walking to running without breaking your stride).

Baby-Jogger-Summit-X3I also thought it might be impractical to use as an everyday buggy, but I’ve had no issues getting in and out of narrow shop doorways, and the basket and back of seat storage is plenty big enough for all the nappies, toys and shopping I inevitably end up with. While it’s not in any way a compact stroller, it folds down small enough to fit neatly in our car boot.

The Look

I thought a running buggy might look bulky and a bit utilitarian, but I have been proved very wrong. This version, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 X Robin Arzón, is not only incredibly easy to use, but it also boasts a very stylish design being black with gold trim and sleek lines which stands out in a crowd, it often catches admiring glances as we go around.

Baby-Jogger-Summit-X3There is a real attention to detail in its aesthetics, from the gold map outline inside the hood, to the thoughtful stitching on the wrist strap. This buggy is not only a practical companion but also a fashionable one.


Comfort is of utmost importance when it comes to a toddler’s experience, and especially for our active little guy, and I have to say, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 nails it. The padded seat seems to cocoon around him making him feel comfortable, while not disturbing the view of what’s going on around him.

The large canopy provides excellent sun protection, shielding my little one from harmful UV rays, and has clever magnetic flaps on the outside that can be lifted up quickly and easily whilst moving to get a good view of him in there.

Baby-Jogger-Summit-X3The seat reclines to multiple positions with just a clasp on a strap at the back so can be done gradually and one handed, which is great as he regularly falls asleep as we’re on the go – which I think is in part to the buggy’s suspension system and air-filled tyres which absorb bumps and shocks, ensuring a smoother ride even on uneven terrains.

It also has a large amount of leg space –we’ve struggled with this on other buggies – which means he has enough space to stretch his legs out. Both my partner and I use the buggy for walking and jogging, and both find the fixed handlebar a very comfortable height to use, and the buggy feels surprisingly light and easy to turn, even on bumpy ground.


I’m so impressed with the safety of the Baby Jogger Summit X3. Ultimately, this is the most important thing to me. Our wriggly and active toddler is comfortable and calm in the seat. The reassuring 5-point harness sits comfortably and closely to his body so he’s secure and can’t wiggle his way out, but doesn’t hinder his view, even with the hood up.

Baby-Jogger-Summit-X3The foot brake is solid, so you need shoes on to take it off, but that just gives me extra confidence in its ability to hold the buggy. The wrist strap and extra hand-operated rear brake provide added peace of mind, so that I have full control of the buggy while moving at speed or going up and down steeper angles – I really wish we’d had it on the steep cobbles earlier this year on a trip to Lisbon!


The Baby Jogger Summit X3 has truly impressed me with its ease of use, stylish design, and comfort for my toddler. It is a versatile buggy that combines practicality with aesthetics, making it a fantastic choice for parents who seek both functionality and fashion.

If you’re in the market for a reliable and eye-catching stroller that prioritizes your child’s comfort, I highly recommend it. It has become an indispensable part of our daily routine, and I can’t rate it highly enough.

Buy the Baby Jogger Summit X3 now for £529 at John Lewis

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