Baby’s eczema can be cured by bathing in breast milk, claims mum-of-two

Baby with eczema
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A mother from Southampton has claimed that bathing her babies in breast milk helped to soothe their eczema

We all know that breast milk is great for babies’ health and development, but did you know that it can help soothe symptoms of eczema, too?

After discovering the treatment online, mum-of-two Lizzie Dempsey has claimed that bathing her children in breast milk was the only solution that truly worked on their dry skin.

The mum from Southampton had already ploughed through a huge list of creams and lotions to soothe the symptoms of George, two, and Isla, nine months, before turning to social media for advice.

“I’m in some mums’ groups and when I asked about it, lots of members had tried breast milk baths and recommended them,” she says. “My midwife suggested it, too, and when I was looking online, it constantly come up in searches.”

When George was eight weeks old, Lizzie tried the treatment for the first time, and was amazed by the results. “It worked really quickly. From there, I did it weekly.”

A soothing solution

George’s eczema started to fade after just a few weeks, and Lizzie found that it gave him “super soft skin” each time. She then began expressing and freezing extra supplies just for baths.

“I would use around six ounces a time just added to plain warm bath water and swirl it in, turning the water a soft white colour,” she adds. “Occasionally I’d add some lavender oil for a particularly relaxing bath at bedtime.”

While Lizzie agrees that some people may be a little squeamish about the idea, she argues that it truly is an effective, safe and easy way to help your baby’s skin.

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“I did it weekly when Isla was a newborn,” she says. “It really helped her skin, and I knew there were none of the harsh chemicals that can be in some bubble baths.”

“I think it was calming for her to be in my milk. I always found her much more chilled after a milk bath than any other, and I think it helped with our bond.”

What’s the proof?

Is there any scientific evidence to suggest breast milk can help cure eczema? Yes, according to Dr Wang Skincare – it has significant amounts of components that contain natural antimicrobial agents, which offer protection against infections.

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