A Guide to Antenatal Care at Home


We take a look at the online antenatal classes helping you keep up your antenatal care at home.

Before you have your baby, it’s essential for mums-to-be to use all of the support they can get. If you are pregnant during lockdown and the adjusting to the ‘new normal’ this might seem like a challenge, as face-to-face antenatal classes and groups have been have temporarily been put on hold. However, you can still take care of you and your baby from home with online antenatal classes. From managing your hormones to exercising safely, there are plenty of virtual platforms that will help with your antenatal care at home.

We’ve put together a list of the best online courses for antenatal care to help you through your pregnancy journey and to make sure that you are totally prepared for your little one’s arrival.

Antenatal Care at Home with My Expert Midwife

Founded by midwife and mum duo, Lesley Gilchrist and Claire Charlton, My Expert Midwife is known for their award-winning pregnancy skincare products and down-to-earth advice. To support mums-to-be through their pregnancy while maintaining social distance, the team at My Expert Midwife runs a Virtual Midwife Appointment Series on their Instagram (@my_expertmidwife). They also host live Q&A’s, and post regular tips and tricks to make your antenatal journey a smooth one.

Top tip:

Struggling with morning sickness? Try My Expert Midwife’s special spritz ‘Relieve the Heave’ to settle your stomach.

Morning sickness
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MoKee Birth School’s Virtual Antenatal Courses

Created to provide support and comfort for future mums, the moKee Birth School has now launched online. Featuring a different midwife on a bi-weekly basis, this hub of maternity experts will answer all of your questions around pre-natal care, and even invites users to participate in the moKee’s ‘Helping Mums’ Facebook group, where mums can connect during this time of isolation. Ideal for mums who are feeling a little lonely during this uncertain time, this platform helps to connect and educate mums around the world. 

Top tip:

No time to stop? If you’re a busy mum or still working from home, you can still hear all of the top tips and valuable advice that moKee midwives have to offer on the moKee Birth School podcast, available on Spotify.

The Positive Birth Company Digital Pack

Winner of the ‘Made For Mums’ award this year, The Positive Birth Company is a platform for pregnancy empowerment. Created by Siobhan, mum of three and expert in hypnobirthing, she devotes her time to making hypobirthing accessible for everyone, along with sharing meditation videos, Q&A’s, and tips and tricks to preparing for your due date. Subscribe for regular videos on her YouTube channel, or visit her website to check out her online hypnotherapy program.

Top tip:

Missing your morning yoga? The Positive Birth Company offers a range of meditation and pregnancy yoga tutorials on their YouTube channel so you can achieve that satisfying stretch, without harming your little one.

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Exercise during pregnancyOnline Antenatal Classes from The Modern Midwife

Marie Louise, much-loved pregnancy influencer and author of The Modern Midwife’s Guide to Pregnancy Birth and Beyond, has just launched her online antenatal course, ‘Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond’. Designed to ‘’answer some of the questions that people may feel too nervous or embarrassed to ask’’, Marie’s new series also includes supporting notes, downloadable checklists, and guided meditations to help you through your pregnancy.

Top tip:

Overwhelmed by articles and how-to guides? Head over to The Modern Midwife website and download Marie’s Visual Birth Plan for free. Using simple graphics and space to brainstorm your ideas, this guide is the perfect place to start when creating your birth plan.

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Bump and Baby Club Online Antenatal Classes

The Bump and Baby Club are the leading independent provider of antenatal classes in the UK, and pride themselves on giving parents-to-be a place to form friendships as well as prepare for their due date.  One of the first antenatal classes to jump on the virtual bandwagon, they have already carried out 493 Zoom sessions and sparked friendships between almost 2,000 expectant parents. Offering personal and interactive support throughout your pregnancy journey, these online antenatal classes are a great way to meet local mums-to-be while maintaining social distancing measures.

Top tip:

Missing the buzz of a social life before lockdown? The Bump and Baby Club refuse to let lockdown stop them from organising exciting and fun ways for you to meet and chat to other parents-to-be. From brunches to yoga classes, visit the Bump and Baby website to see what online events are going on in your area, and how you can take part.

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The Honest Midwife’s Virtual Antenatal Course

Led by experienced midwives, The Honest Midwife offers a tailor made antenatal course to prepare you and your partner for anything that your pregnancy could throw at you. Split across seven classes, each one lasts approximately two hours and covers a range of topics from how to pack your birthing bag to preparing yourself for breastfeeding. It’s a great platform to share your thoughts and questions about giving birth, swapping out old-fashioned role-play for evidence-based discussions.

Top tip:

Concerned about having a traumatic birth? The Honest Midwife offers a follow up ‘Baby Budda’ class, which guides you through a step-by-step massage for your little one to ensure that any trauma or stress experienced during birth is slowly and gently eased away.

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