The Benefits of Baby Slings

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“Looking down to find that your baby has fallen asleep on your chest… that’s peace.” Amawrap founder, Shabnam Kwofie, shares the story behind the brand.

When Shabs, the owner of Amawrap, first had her daughter she realised that the much talked about ‘bond’ was not there immediately, due to her difficult pregnancy and birth.

Making a concerted effort to leave her apartment to combat the postnatal depression that she was suffering from, (and struggling due to the lack of lifts in her apartment block) she thought back to an old custom that her family used to practice in Africa – wrapping their babies in slings.

After doing this for a while, Shabs realised that the fog of depression was dissipating, and did some research. Looking into baby wearing, she discovered that the skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby produces a powerful hormone called Oxytocin (also known as the ‘Love Hormone;). This not only allows you to bond more closely with your baby, but also stimulates breastmilk production and lowers the chances of postnatal depression.

In Shabs’ words, “I had never heard of Oxytocin or skin-to-skin contact when I first started using baby wraps. It was just a means to get out of the house without having to drag the pram down a flight of stairs and aggravate my caesarian scar! But what I found is that when I looked down to find that my baby had fallen asleep on my chest, I felt the most incredible sense of peace. It finally made me feel like a mother. Like I was doing something right”

The benefits of Amawrap and using baby slings

‘But what benefits are there for the baby?’We hear you say!

Lying on mums chest reminds baby of the sounds and feelings that they were used to in the womb. Feeling your voice, breathing and heartbeat has been proven to quieten and calm a baby. This holds even more true for preterm babies – studies have shown that the contact helps to regulate their breathing and their temperature more quickly. And when you hold baby that close, you become more attuned to their behaviours and expressions, which means that you can pick up their cues before they resort to crying.

amawrap-brand-baby-slingThere are other benefits of using an Amawrap baby sling, too, including less colic and reflux. Keeping your child upright in an Amawrap baby sling wrap aids digestion, and also serves as a gentle massage to babys stomach.

The wrap is different to many high street carriers because it allows you to provide a full knee-to-knee seat for your baby, rather than a narrow base which only supports their bums. The baby is the most comfortable when in the ‘froggy’ position, with the knees up, due to the shape of their spine at birth. Imagine being sat in a deck chair rather than being propped up on a stool with your legs dangling down – which would you prefer?

Breastfeeding is easier on the go – Mums can feed while using the baby wrap, with nobody being any the wiser! No longer do you have to stop what you are doing, find a place to sit, and get your baby out of the pram.

Baby slings are convenient – Think about having to go to your local shopping centre or on public transport with a pram. The buggy wars are too much! The Amawrap allows you the use of both of your hands, while keeping your baby out of harms way.

amawrap-slingAnd if your baby is fussing, the Amawrap can also be worn inside the house too. You can promote skin-to-skin contact by wearing nothing under the wrap and having your baby in just a nappy (and it still protects your modesty!) The benefits of skin-to-skin are priceless…

The fabric used is made exclusively for Amawrap, which means that the thickness and stretch is exactly what we consider to be the most supportive, yet lightest wrap available.

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