Alternative uses for unused breast milk

Deearna Withey, premature, newborn, toddler and multiples consultant, gives us her advice on leftover breast milk

Did you know that unused expressed breast milk has many uses? Never throw it away! Here are my five top tips:

Milk bath: It’s brilliant for softening your baby’s skin. Collect any unused milk during the day, shake and mix throughout the bath water. Do not add anything else to the bath.

Sticky eyes: Get a cotton wool pad
(not cotton wool balls), add a little unused breast milk and wipe it along the eye. Do
not use the same cotton wool on both eyes and never use the same piece to go over the same eye twice.

Nappy rash: First, cool the milk in the fridge and then apply to baby’s bottom with cotton wool and pat – do not rub in with your hands.  Leave to dry with baby’s nappy off.

Face wash: Add to some warm water, mix and then pat onto baby’s skin. Do not rub.

Ear infections: Warm the milk just a little and then drip a couple of drops into the ear. The milk needs to be less than 12 hours old. This can be very effective.
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