A first Christmas…

Let’s face it, a baby’s first Christmas is much more exciting for the doting parents. So spoil yourself and let ACHICA ensure you have the best Christmas ever!

A Cracking Christmas

There are some things you can’t guarantee for Christmas, firstly, you can’t promise it’ll be a white Christmas, you can’t assure that the turkey will be as succulent as Delia’s and you can’t be sure that when that bottle of Buck’s Fizz gets popped at 8am you won’t neck the whole thing, but you can be certain that Christmas shopping can be the most stress-free known to man if you let ACHICA lead the way.

As the pre-Christmas nerves start to seep in, daunting thoughts begin to encroach. If you’re a first time parent, and you’ve normally been a quick sweepstake-on-Christmas-Eve-type you’re bound to be filled with uncertainty as to whether they’ll be any presents under the tree let alone a plethora of parcels for your little bundle of joy. A trusting tip is to prepare, sounds painful I know but that little didactic ditty ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’ does retain some truth. Days of sketching out a list as long as your arm full of shop names, brands and potential present ideas is long gone. Simply designate an evening to let the powers that be at ACHICA inspire you with some real Christmas crackers.

For a baby’s first Christmas it’s imperative to include a cuddly toy in their stocking, it’s a staple item that you can use to embarrass them in years to come and something they’ll treasure. You’ll often see ACHICA’s website graced with renowned brands such as Canterbury Bears and Steiff – this is when their exclusive up to 70% discount becomes just the invitation you’ve been looking for – saving you quite a considerable cut.

It’s inevitable that 25 December will be a day filled with constant picture-taking and cheesy smiles, you may have been planning your little one’s outfit for weeks, in return, yours may be a case of flinging something on in-between putting the turkey in and feeding your baby. But dress your bambino in the finest Christmas clobber and you’ll be showered with compliments keeping spirits high. The team of in-house buyers at ACHICA combine a wealth of eclectic knowledge in providing top quality brands and this is highly outlined in their fashion fixes. You can expect to see top brands such as Darcy Brown, Fluke and Tommy Hilfiger integrating a range of couture to unearth just the designer look without that purse-pulling designer price tag.

Remember Christmas is the day when persistent play is deemed perfectly acceptable, after all you’ll be playing paparazzi so the longer they can stay picture perfect the better. ACHICA stock a great range of children’s toys to capture their attention. With brands such as Janod Toys and Melissa & Doug you won’t fail in finding those crucial snippets that make a stocking a sack of fun. Even though your little one won’t remember their first Christmas, with ACHICA’S assistance it’ll be a day you’ll never forget.

Christmassy Creation…

We all treat Christmas differently, some of us choose to inject as much festive foliage into our house as possible whereas some of us are fond of a more low-key outcome. Well, whilst you’re busy sorting the stocking fillers – why not complete the house too in one fell swoop? Whether you’re looking for decorations to give your abode that festive feel or a plush new bed linen set for the spare bedroom where the impending guests will be staying. They source a great range of crockery too which will impress the guests, so much so they won’t notice if the broccoli is a minute shy of al dente. You’ll find a seductive selection to fulfil your interior desires on ACHICA’s website. They even have a designated Christmas tab to make that shopping experience even easier.

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