33 Weeks Pregnant: Your Baby, Kicking and Pregnancy Tips

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What to expect at 33 weeks pregnant. Everything you need to know about you and your baby at week 33 of your pregnancy.

You are now 33 weeks pregnant and craving some rest but insomnia, aches and pains are your reality. As you near the end of your time as a pregnant mum-to-be, your bump will most likely be getting in the way and you will probably be feeling less frequent but more intense kicking from your little one. Although it can be a frustrating time as you become evermore excited to meet your baby, try to ride this wave and enjoy the end of your pregnancy.

You may have noticed (and then forgotten) that you’ve become a little clumsy and forgetful, recently. This is all part and parcel of reaching this stage in your third trimester.

Keep reading for our tips on how to embrace this time in your pregnancy, as well as more information about what to expect when you’re expecting. Alternatively, if it’s another week you’re curious about, head to our week-by-week pregnancy guide.

33 Weeks Pregnant Baby Size

As your bump grows and maybe drops, the size of your baby is always on your mind. At 33 weeks your baby should stretch to about 17.2 inches in length and weigh at 4.23 pounds. Picture your little one the size of a pineapple.

33 weeks Pregnant Baby size pineapple
Credit: Julien Pianetti via Unsplash

Your Baby at 33 Weeks Pregnant

Less movement but a sharper feeling when your baby kicks is typical at this point in your pregnancy. Now comfortably in the eighth month of your pregnancy, your baby is growing half a pound a week, expected to double in size by birth. If you remember the amniotic fluid we discussed in our article about your 32nd week (which helped develop your baby’s digestive system), there is now more baby than fluid and therefore the kicks may feel slightly more intense, though due to lack of space, less frequent.

Everyday becoming a little more like the baby that will greet you on the day of the birth, your baby has now developed the ability to differentiate between day and night, with the thinning of your uterine lining meaning your baby’s little eyelids now shut to block out the light and go to sleep. Your baby’s immune system is also building up in preparation for the real world.

33 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Tips

Shortness of Breath

Your lungs are being gently nudged by your growing uterus and this can cause shortness of breath at this point in your pregnancy. In fact, according to Medical News Today, 60 to 70% of pregnant women report this symptom, so don’t worry, you are not alone. The best advice which can be offered to cope with this is to focus on your posture. If you stand up straighter your uterus will naturally distance a little from your diaphragm and allow you to breathe easier.

Forgetfulness and Clumsiness

Maybe you’ve found yourself experiencing the famous “Baby Brain”, becoming clumsy and forgetful when you are usually sharp and on-the-ball. You have a lot going on internally and externally so just relax and ride that wave.

Round Ligament Pain

Sharp pains around your abdomen commonly occur from your second trimester and combined with the Braxton Hicks Contractions you may be experiencing, can make for an uncomfortable tummy in your 33rd week of pregnancy. Maternity belts can be a help to some women and just generally slowing down and avoiding quick movements.


Your baby is radiating heat and you are pumping more blood around your body. This can lead to you feeling like you are overheating so make sure you keep hydrated and avoid caffeine.


With insomnia affecting nearly 80% of pregnant women, although frustrating, this symptom is something you should try not to let bother you. With your huge bump, vivid dreams and weak bladder, it’s no surprise that you are struggling to sleep as soundly as normal. Warm baths and a warm glass of milk before bed can help. Also, try to avoid exercise before bed. Just relax.

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