Babyopathy launch #RoutineintheWomb campaign

Routine in the Womb campaign outlines how pregnant mothers can use their sensory world to nurture their baby’s wellbeing and routine to prepare them to enter our world

Babyopathy is all about you and your baby’s sensory journey and for your baby this of course begins in the womb when all of your baby’s senses first develop. One of the best sensory tools both mum and baby have to connect is touch, or more specifically the movements your baby makes in the womb and you will feel.

Angela Spencer, baby wellness and childcare expert, created Babyopathy, and her focus for the #RoutineintheWomb campaign is all about the movements in the womb and the routine they develop over the pregnancy.

Routine during pregnancy is very rarely spoken about other than “is baby active” and maybe “when do you notice the most movement”. Angela Spencer believes that if the answer to these questions is ‘baby’s movements keeps me awake all night’ then it is more than likely your baby will be up all night and sleeping all day when they arrive. However, Babyopathy can nurture that and work on a routine that is more conducive to ‘day and night’ and ‘bedtime’ when they arrive.

The most integral part of the #RoutineintheWomb campaign for Angela is focusing on knowing your baby’s routine, and in particular their pattern of movements, as it is this that you should be aware of, and any subtle changes as this is how you follow your baby’s wellbeing.

Learning your baby’s usual routine in the womb, there will be certain times of the day (or night) that your baby will be more active and times when they will not seem to move at all and are most likely sleeping. If the routine that you know is usual for your baby changes suddenly then raise this with your midwife.

To join the campaign use the hashtag #RoutineintheWomb and join the Facebook community at