What to expect when your baby is 3-6 months

With motherhood now in full swing, here’s what’s to expect during 3-6 month stage

By month three, many mothers have started introducing a gentle routine for themselves and baby. This can make your life easier and will encourage your baby to sleep for longer at night.

You may have your first period since having a baby during these months. This varies from woman to woman, and is often longer for women who have breastfed for longer. If you haven’t breastfed at all, your period will probably have returned by three months.

Many mothers stop breastfeeding during these three months, but whether you decide to stop at three months or three years, it’s always a good idea to have a plan in place to gradually reduce it rather than going ‘cold turkey’. Stopping breastfeeding too quickly increases the chances of mothers developing mastitis.

You might start thinking about having sex again at this time, but don’t forget about contraception.

This guide is provided to you by sisters Marina Fogle and Dr Chiara Hunt, founders of The Bump Class.


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