29 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Bump and Baby Size

29 weeks pregnant

What to expect at 29 weeks pregnant. Everything you need to know about your body and your baby at week 29 of your pregnancy.

Now you are in month 7 of your pregnancy you may find that new emotions, and mix of nervousness and excitement are stirring up. As you reach your third trimester, it’s important to  make the most of your support network. Talk to family, friends and midwives about your thoughts and to discuss any worries.

Your final trimester will bring even more physical changes. Your growing bump may mean that you can no longer see your feet and legs when standing. You may also begin to feel more tired or out of breath when walking around. But don’t give up, you should still be active just try and slow down to a pace that is easier for your body to handle.

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Your Baby at 29 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is at least 38.6cm long and weighs around 1.2kg, which is about the same size as a butternut squash.

baby-size-29-weeks-butternut-squashFor the past few weeks your baby has been covered by vernix, a white greasy layer which protects their developing skin. But this is now starting to dissolve as they prepare for their birth in around 11 weeks. In this time, they still have a lot of weight to gain in the form of fat. As a result, their once wrinkled skin is becoming smoother. Their muscles are becoming stronger and they will now be able to smile too!

Your baby will be getting cramped inside your uterus and they have less space to move around. Therefore, their kicks and hiccups will feel much stronger and more like sharp pokes. They are most likely to be from your baby’s knees and elbows now. As their brain and senses are more developed your baby will be able to respond to stimuli from the environment like light, sound and movement.

Your Body at 29 Weeks Pregnant

Twice a day you may want to start doing a kick count to track your baby’s activity. Try and do this at the same time each morning and evening. It’s best to do this sitting with your feet raised or lying down.

You should count any movements you feel until you reach 10. This is normally achievable within an hour. If not have a light snack to increase your blood sugar levels and then try again. You should contact your midwife or doctor if you feel fewer than 10 movements in 2 hours. It is likely everything is fine (and baby might just be feeling a little lazy), but it is best to check.

In your third trimester you may find that your breasts are leaking a thin yellow coloured fluid called colostrum. Stock up on breast pads and start wearing them to absorb the liquid. You will need these when breastfeeding too.

29 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


In your third trimester pregnancy hormones will cause your muscles to relax further to prepare for delivery. However, this can also cause your bowel system to become backed up. Along with drinking plenty of water to keep things moving it is recommended that you eat yogurt with probiotic acidophilus (live active cultures). These bacteria will help your digestive system process food and dispose of it easier.

Itchy belly

As your bump is growing your skin is stretching and becoming thinner which causes it to be more sensitive. To ease this irritation, apply some moisturising lotion and drink lots of water. If a rash appears let your midwife or doctor know.

Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless Legs Syndrome is most common during the third trimester of pregnancy. It often worse at night and causes an uncomfortable crawling feeling on your feet, calves and thighs. It is unclear what causes it, but you can help yourself by ensuring you have plenty of iron in your diet. Staying active is important to help keep up your circulation.

Varicose veins

Pregnancy can cause the veins in your legs to become swollen and bumpier than usual. It may be advisable to wear support tights to reduce their effect. It is also recommended that you raise your feet whenever you are sitting. This will help to improve your circulation too.

29 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

You probably will not have a scheduled meeting with your midwife or doctor at 29 weeks pregnant. However, your next check up appointment may by at week 30.

Week 29 marks the earliest that you can leave work for maternity leave. Some women prefer to work for longer during their pregnancy. This means they can save their maternity leave for after their baby’s birth.

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