27 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Bump and Baby Size

27 weeks pregnant

What to expect at 27 weeks pregnant. Everything you need to know about your body and your baby at week 27 of your pregnancy.

At 27 weeks pregnant your second trimester is over, and you are heading into your third and final stage. There have been lots of changes to your body and your baby has developed further in the past 14 weeks. Your baby is now big enough to lie between your hand and elbow on your forearm and it won’t be long before they are in your arms.

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Your Baby at 27 Weeks Pregnant

At 27 weeks pregnant your baby will now be around 36cm long and weigh 0.875kg which is similar to a broccoli.

27 weeks pregnantYour baby will now be able to distinguish day and night with regular phases of sleep. You may be able to notice this by their patterns of movement. If your pregnancy has been identified as high risk, it is often advised to count and monitor your baby’s movements.

Your baby’s heartbeat is much clearer now and your partner may be able to listen to it with their ear on your bump. As your baby is getting stronger your family might be able to feel your baby’s movements too.

Their ears are maturing, and your baby may be able to recognise both yours and your partners voices. Their eyes will also have started to develop pigment. Most babies are born with blue eyes, but the colour may change as melanin is produced in their first two years.

Your Body at 27 Weeks Pregnant

As your body prepares for your baby’s arrival you will need more energy, so it is important to meet its demands by eating plenty of healthy food and staying active. Completing breathing exercises and pregnancy yoga can help you to prepare for delivery. It is important to rest throughout the day too.

From 27 weeks you may notice that you are gaining weight faster. It is common to gain around 1 stone during pregnancy. As your bump grows you may want to start using lotions to hydrate your skin and prevent stretch marks. You may notice a vertical black line on your belly, but this is harmless.

Your breasts are regularly changing throughout pregnancy as they prepare for lactation. They will have become larger and heavier after the second trimester as the tenderness and tingling subsides. It is worth investing in a bra that offers more support. Many women find that the areola, dark area surrounding the nipple, becomes darker and spreads. Small bumps may also appear, but these disappear after birth. It is common for your breasts to leak a yellow discharge called colostrum as they prepare for breast feeding.

27 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


During your pregnancy it is likely that you will have vivid and dramatic dreams. This may be due to the additional hormones in your body and can represent the ranging emotions of pregnancy. To prevent these dreams, try to relax throughout the day and avoid caffeine during the afternoon and evening.

Hair and nails

You may notice that your hair and nails are growing thicker and faster. But this rapid growth can cause them to become brittle. However, after delivery as your hormones rebalance you can expect your regular daily hair loss to return.

Things to think about at 27 Weeks Pregnant

Before you become too tired in your third trimester, try and do some more shopping this week to purchase any remaining necessities. The majority of hospitals require new parents to have an infant car seat before taking their baby home. You may also want to start preparing a hospital bag in case your baby arrives sooner than expected.

For the first few weeks after birth you may struggle to keep on top of everything so start organising with family and friends who can help you out at home.

Week 27 is likely to be the last week you can fly without a note from your midwife of GP.

27 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Uncomplicated pregnancies do not require a 27-week scan. Starting in week 28 you will have appointments with the doctor every fortnight to help monitor and prepare for birth.

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