10 wellbeing hacks for new mothers

Take motherhood in your stride with these savvy expert tips and best buys

1. Wax lyrical

Essential oils can make you feel more positive almost instantly, that’s why we love the Aromatherapy Associates Relax Candle. Thanks to its blend of West Indian bay and myrrh, one whiff of this heavenly scented candle creates a reassuring sense of calm and wellbeing in your abode. And breathe…
£36, aromatherapyassociates.com

2. Spritz and soothe
Responding to the daily demands of a newborn comes with its worries, but a few daily sprays of Better You Magnesium Oil will naturally help to ease stress levels.
£12.20, betteryou.com

3. Power-up your diet
Childbirth takes its toll on your body, so make sure you’re fuelling your diet with foods that nourish you from the inside. “Nuts are good, as they’re rich in essential fats, zinc and B vitamins needed for healing. Mix a few cocoa nibs into a mix of almonds, brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds to stave off chocolate cravings,” says Charlotte Watts, nutritional therapist and author of The De-Stress Effect.
£12.99, charlottewattshealth.com

4. Sleep like a baby
While your newborn is napping, claim a moment of restorative time with a simple yoga posture. “Practising the Child’s Pose over a bolster offers comfort to new mums. Bring a bolster (or pile of folded blankets) between your thighs, lay your torso over and relax deeply,” says Charlotte.
Travel yoga mat (pictured above), £65, sweatybetty.com

5. Revive tired eyes
Is your sleep debt taking its toll on your face? A quick eye massage will help soothe puffy peepers. “Mix two tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil with two capsules of vitamin E oil, and apply using tiny circular motions around the eyes,” says beauty expert Janey Lee Grace (imperfectlynatural.com).
Vita Coco Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, £9.77, amazon.co.uk

6. Nail the beauty basics
Time is of the essence, so it’s all about a low-maintenance beauty routine that offers a polished finish. Look out for double-duty products like Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30, which protects while smoothing away imperfections in seconds.
£25, clinique.co.uk

7. Boost your juice
Looking for an all-in-one vitality, immunity and detoxifying hit? We’ve found it! Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry is crammed with the good stuff.
£21.65, amazon.co.uk

8. Dry wash and go
No time for a wash and blow dry? No problem. Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with nettle absorbs excess oil so your hair looks and feels clean with minimal effort.
£4, klorane.co.uk

9. Snack smart
Neglecting your diet will send energy levels plummeting, so keep treats on hand to fire up your get-up-and-go. Fruit, crudités and oatcakes are all easy to eat with one hand while you cradle baby in the other.

10. Add a wonder workout
Pelvic floor exercises are just as important now as they were during your pregnancy. Every time you change a nappy, gently contract your muscles and hold for five to 10 seconds. Or, to keep you up to your work, try personal kegel tracker Elvie.
£149, elvie.com

Words: Louise Payne