17 Parenting Apps We Can’t Live Without

The secret to app'iness

Whether it’s parenting advice, tips and tricks or apps to make your life with kids a little bit easier, we round up the best parenting apps to download now.

There’s an app for everything these days. Whether you want to track your sleep patterns or book an all-inclusive holiday in the Maldives, the possibility is there with one tap of your finger. A whole bunch of clever people have come up with a number of apps to make the lives of expectant and new parents much easier. Here’s our pick of the best parenting apps available on your tablets and smartphones.

The Night Feed

A saviour for new mums struggling to adjust to their baby’s demanding feeding schedule. Award-winning lifestyle blogger Ruth Crilly (aka @ModelReccomends) has launched your new favourite parenting app. After recognising that many new mums experience extreme tiredness and loneliness when feeding their babies at night, Ruth created The Night Feed as a community to offer a space for like-minded mums needing an outlet during those 4am feeds. £3.99 from the Apps Store and Google Play

The Night Feed App


If you’re forever worried about oversharing on social media, say hello to Tinybeans. Save all of your snaps, document milestones and allow only your nearest and dearest to see them. Free


He hates that name because it reminds him of his old science teacher, you love it because it’s the same as your midwife. Swipe right if you like the name, left if you don’t, and find a match! Free


Preparing for a new baby can make you feel like the most disorganised soul on the planet. Let this app do all the legwork as it tracks your pregnancy and symptoms, offers daily tips and diary dates. Free


If you’re pulling your hair out and would give your right arm to get out of the house, Hoop has the lowdown on everything going on in your area, including toddler groups and messy play. Free


With over 4,000 magazines ready to download and a variety of titles for all the family, Readly is your one-stop shop for all your magazine subscriptions. And a saviour when it comes to seeking a little of quiet time. Keep your little ones entertained with the kids’ titles available, while you delve into the pages of your fave parenting mag… £7.99 a month (first two months for 99p)


Geared for men who have pregnant partners, albeit in the most stereotypical fashion, this app is full of useful facts, not only about your expectant mrs but also what happens once baby has arrived. 79p


Kinedu provides fun and age-appropriate daily developmental activities to do with baby. Find new early stimulation activities to boost development and help you bond with you little one. Free

NCT Babychange

The days of rushing across town to change your child’s nappy are over. NCT Babychange will point you in the direction of all the facilities nearby – you can even rate them on cleanliness, too. Free

Sound Sleeper

If all you’re longing for is a good night’s sleep, soothe baby with white noise, including the sounds of rain, the womb and more. You can track baby’s sleep and record your own sounds, too. Free

My Medela

Did I feed her an hour ago? Did she have two ounces or four? MyMedela helps you monitor your breastfeeding and pumping schedule, alongside helpful advice and progress tracking. Free


Plugged as Tinder-meets-NCT, Mush brings together local, like-minded mums with babies of the same age. Simply make your profile and organise meet-ups with other mamas just like you. Free


Whether you’re looking for an evening sitter for date night or some daytime help, Bubble is an easy way to book highly-recommended Babysitters. Every babysitter on the app is insured, background checked, and you can read their reviews before deciding to Book. Free

Kegel Trainer Exercises

This clever app sends daily reminders to strengthen your pelvic floor while pregnant, as well as easy to follow Kegel routines that take less than three minutes. Your pelvic floor will thank you after the birth. Free

The Wonder Weeks 

A multi-awarding-winning app based on the bestselling book of the same name. Using scientific research, the app allows you to track your baby’s development and milestones through the first 20 months. £2.99


This baby-tracking app lets you log your baby’s sleep, nappy changes and feeds to help you track trends and set up routines. Another super healthy feature lets sleep-deprived, breastfeeding mums note which side the baby last fed on and for how long. £1.99

Cloud Baby Monitor

Perfect for parents on-the-go, this app turns any two Apple devices into a two-way video baby monitor. Set one up in your baby’s room and keep hold of the other, for live audio and video wherever you are. £3.99

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