The shopping guide: Baby monitors

baby monitors

Choosing from a never-ending selection of baby kit can be a minefield. So how do you know what’s right for you? Next in the series is baby monitors

Baby monitors can go from basic audio recording, to all-singing, all-dancing pieces of kit which link up to your phone, play lullabies and tell you if your baby hasn’t moved in 20 seconds.

Things to consider

• Bear in mind how much you want to spend, prices vary from £20 up to the £300 mark.

• Where will you use the monitor and how far away are you likely to be from your baby? Each monitor has different ranges.

• Do you want a simple audio device or do you want to be able to see your child, too?

• Do you want to be able to speak to your baby through the monitor if she’s crying?


The baby unit is the part that’s kept in the nursery or room where baby is sleeping.

The motion sensor or sensor pad is usually placed underneath the mattress on a flat surface. This alerts parents if no movement has been detected for 20 seconds.

The parent unit stays with the parent.

A temperature display lets you know how warm the room is. The recommended room temperature for a baby’s nursery is 16 to 20˚C.

Two-way talk back allows you to talk to your baby from another room.

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