The shopping guide: high chairs

high chair

Choosing from a never-ending selection of baby kit can be a minefield. So how do you know what’s right for you? Last in the series is the high chair

Perhaps not as imminent as the other big-ticket items, but when your baby is sitting unaided and has hit the weaning stage (around six months) the high chair is a lifesaver.

Things to consider

• How much space do you have to store it?

• Do you want it to come up to the table? Heights will vary, so be sure to measure.

• Is it easy to clean? Are the straps removable as well as the cover, if it has one?

• Does it feel sturdy? All high chairs sold in the UK must conform to safety standards – look for the code BS 14988-1 on packaging.



Adjustable seat height means you can move the chair closer to the tabletop.

Convertible high chairs grow with your child, turning into a toddler seat and later, in some cases, a chair for an older child.

Footrests can be adjusted as baby grows.

A reclining seat provides extra comfort and can be useful for bottle-feeding your baby.

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